Packers call saved Blake Bortles from a double bogey

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Blake Bortles was surviving his champion beingness erstwhile helium got the telephone connected Wednesday.

The erstwhile Jaguars backmost was connected No. 8 astatine Ponte Vedra’s Ocean Course, looking astatine a treble bogey per the Associated Press, and his cause was connected the different extremity of the line. Aaron Rodgers, his cause explained, had tested affirmative for COVID-19. The Packers were funny successful Bortles, who had been with the squad during preseason.

Bortles enactment down the clubs and got connected a level arsenic accelerated arsenic possible, sadly leaving his circular behind.

The No. 3 prime successful 2014, Bortles was past connected an NFL tract 2 years ago, erstwhile helium played successful 3 games arsenic a backup for the Rams, completing 1 walk for 3 yards.

Bortless has since been nether declaration with the Broncos and Rams, some successful 2020, but was ne'er adjacent to getting connected the field.

His biggest infinitesimal of occurrence came successful 2017, erstwhile helium led the Jaguars to a 10-6 grounds and the playoffs, but Bortles’ play cratered backmost to world the adjacent season.

Blake Bortles #9 of the Green Bay Packers works   retired  The Packers kept Blake Bortles’ play circular from going under.Getty Images

It’s improbable helium sees enactment against the Chiefs connected Sunday; Jordan Love is acceptable to marque the commencement with Rodgers out. But possibly this volition springiness him the accidental to instrumentality with an NFL team.

Worst-case, if helium gets chopped successful a mates weeks erstwhile Rodgers returns, Bortles tin ever spell backmost and decorativeness his round.