Palestinians say nine killed in Israeli raid on Jenin refugee camp

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An Israeli raid connected the Jenin exile campy successful the occupied West Bank killed 9 Palestinians including an aged woman, Palestinian officials person said. They besides accused the forces of utilizing teargas wrong a hospital’s children’s ward.

The wellness ministry said that successful summation to the 9 dead, aggregate radical were wounded.

In a abstracted statement, the Palestinian wellness minister, Mai al-Kaila, said: “Occupation forces stormed Jenin authorities infirmary and intentionally fired teargas canisters astatine the paediatric department.”

She described the concern successful the exile campy arsenic “critical” and said Israeli forces were preventing ambulances from reaching the wounded.

Kaila called for an urgent gathering with the World Health Organization and the International Committee of the Red Cross implicit the events successful Jenin.

Israel’s service declined to remark erstwhile asked astir the minister’s teargas allegation. The subject has said lone that its “forces are operating successful Jenin”.

Jenin’s lawman governor, Kamal Abu al-Rub, said residents were surviving successful a “real authorities of war”. He said: “The Israeli service is destroying everything and shooting astatine everything that moves.”

The Palestinian presidency said Thursday’s raid connected Jenin was happening “under planetary silence”. “This is what encourages the concern authorities to perpetrate massacres against our radical successful afloat presumption of the world,” said Nabil Abu Rudeinah, a spokesperson for the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas.

Thursday’s fatalities bring the fig of Palestinians killed successful the West Bank truthful acold this twelvemonth to 29, including fighters and civilians, astir of whom were changeable by Israeli forces.

Last twelvemonth was the deadliest year successful the Palestinian territory since UN records began successful 2005.

At slightest 26 Israelis and 200 Palestinians were killed crossed Israel and the Palestinian territories successful 2022, the bulk successful the West Bank, according to an AFP tally from authoritative sources.

Israel has occupied the West Bank since the 1967 six-day war.