Pan-European sleeper train to sweep Britons to Berlin from May 2023

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It hasn’t been an casual clip to beryllium a obstruction enthusiast, but the resurgence of the sleeper bid connected the continent is offering British travellers a tantalising imaginable for 2023.

A caller pan-European work starting successful May is opening up the anticipation of jumping connected a Eurostar astatine Kings Cross St Pancras connected a Friday day and waking up successful Berlin the pursuing morning, meal included.

Passengers connected the European Sleeper work would lone request to marque 1 alteration successful Brussels. Fortuitously, the scheduling offers conscionable capable clip for a swift Belgian brew with food and mustard earlier Berlin beckons.

“We thought that would beryllium bully timing to commencement the weekend”, said Chris Engelsman, the co-founder of the European Sleeper service.


The announcement of the work has been hailed arsenic a triumph by obstruction aficionados, who whitethorn person been suffering thing of an existential situation during the caller strikes and work troubles successful Britain.

It besides follows thing of a caller dawn for the sleeper bid successful Europe. Across the continent, caller routes person been opening up successful caller years, including Brussels to Prague and Graz, successful Austria, and Hamburg to Stockholm, a inclination that is partially a effect to the summation successful aerial substance costs and an ever-growing knowing of the biology harm of flying.

The archetypal 10-carriage sleeper from Berlin to Brussels volition depart connected 25 May, with the Brussels to Berlin work scheduled for the pursuing evening astatine 19.22.

There volition beryllium 3 services a week with prices from €49 for a seat, €79 for a couchette – a spot that converts into a furniture - and €109 for a berth successful a much comfy sleeper compartment.

Mark Smith, who writes the fashionable blog, The Man successful Seat 61, said: “High-speed trains are a large mode to travel, but for longer distances specified arsenic Brussels oregon Amsterdam to Berlin a six- oregon seven-hour travel takes fractional the day. A sleeper allows you to permission aft a afloat day’s enactment oregon sightseeing, slumber successful your ain bed, and beryllium successful Berlin successful clip for breakfast.”

Engelsman said the biggest situation the European Sleeper inaugural had faced was the deficiency of sleeper carriages disposable connected the market.

“It’s not lone america that has occupation with that. It’s the aforesaid with different initiatives, adjacent the larger railways,” helium said. “They person the aforesaid occupation similar the Austrian railways, they tally a batch of nighttime trains, of course, astir Europe, and they person the aforesaid issues.

“It’s conscionable that due to the fact that of each the caller initiatives there’s conscionable precise fewer carriages left, and for galore years thing has been invested successful the rolling stock.”

The institution is renting sleeper carriages and plans to retrofit mean carriages successful the adjacent aboriginal allowing them to connection two-person options.

For present the work volition connection compartments for six, 4 and three-person occupancy, with bookings taken from 20 February. The institution expects to widen the work to Dresden and Prague successful December, arsenic primitively planned earlier works connected the tracks successful Germany held the inaugural up.

Given the complications of passport power and logistical technicalities, the European Sleeper is possibly the closest British travellers volition get to the imaginativeness of 3 decades agone for a Nightstar sleeper from London to Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Cologne via a caller passageway nether the Channel.

That program was formally dumped successful 1999 due to the fact that of the ever-growing outgo and diminishing nationalist interest. Some of the carriages were sold to a bid institution successful Canada wherever they are inactive successful usage betwixt Montreal and Halifax.