Panthers’ focus on Kyle Beach, not Joel Quenneville’s scandal-tainted exit

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DETROIT — It felt astir similar parody erstwhile Andrew Brunette was asked who would commencement successful nett for the Florida Panthers connected Friday.

Sitting successful a country disconnected the loading dock of Little Caesars Arena connected Friday day up of the Panthers’ crippled against the Red Wings, these sorts of questions — who’s in, who’s retired for a squad that presently holds the champion grounds successful hockey — were a level beneath secondary.

Brunette, the interim caput manager for the Panthers after Joel Quenneville’s resignation connected Thursday, has the unseemly occupation of dealing with an earthquake’s aftershock.

“You know, it’s been a whirlwind for evidently everybody involved,” Brunette said. “It’s been a existent bittersweet time for everyone successful hockey. Kyle Beach, everything he’s gone through, we truly consciousness for him.”

Quenneville resigned aft coaching the Panthers to a triumph connected Wednesday night, bringing their grounds to 7-0-0 connected the season. Beach, arsenic portion of an interrogation connected TSN successful which helium revealed his individuality arsenic video coordinator Brad Aldrich’s alleged victim, said, “There is perfectly nary mode [Quenneville] tin contradict knowing it.” Beach said that meetings were held successful Quenneville’s bureau successful the aftermath of the incident.

Brunette, who present takes the reigns, played successful the NHL for 16 years, the past of those nether Quenneville for the 2011-12 Blackhawks. Before getting hired successful Florida successful 2019, helium worked arsenic an adjunct manager and adjunct wide manager for the Wild.

Andrew Brunette talks to the Panthers' Aleksander BarkovAndrew Brunette talks to the Panthers’ Aleksander BarkovGetty Images

Now, he’s successful limbo — “just time to day,” helium said of his occupation presumption — for arsenic agelong arsenic it takes for the Panthers to sift done the wreckage.

On Friday morning, helium was asked however he’s handling the events of this week. Brunette knew Quenneville, and got opportunities due to the fact that of him.

“To beryllium honorable with you, I said it earlier, I’m conscionable trying to process,” Brunette said. “It’s been a whirlwind and I privation I could springiness you a amended answer. It’s been — I can’t adjacent explicate to you. Again, I recognize the bigger contented present close present is Kyle. We don’t request this successful hockey anymore and that’s the bigger issue.”

Joel Quenneville connected  the Panthers' seat  connected  October 27, the time  earlier  helium  resignedJoel Quenneville connected the Panthers’ seat connected October 27, the time earlier helium resignedNHLI via Getty Images

That was the attack from Panthers stars Aaron Ekblad and Jonathan Huberdeau, too: Keep the absorption connected Beach, the unfortunate successful each of this. Keep hockey, and their idiosyncratic narration to Quenneville, successful the backseat.

Huberdeau said that Quenneville didn’t accidental anything to the squad astir the concern earlier leaving.

“It was astir similar helium took attraction of it,” Huberdeau said.

Ekblad archetypal watched Beach’s interrogation aft the Bruins game, without anterior cognition of it.

“It’s conscionable a concern I couldn’t imagine,” Ekblad said. “Being successful that situation, having to woody with that and the emotions that follow. I privation the champion for him and his recovery. … You’d similar to deliberation that thing similar that could hap to you and your team.”

Conspicuously absent from these property conferences were phrases similar “focus connected hockey.” The Panthers person a crippled Friday night. They would similar to enactment undefeated, and paid articulator work erstwhile asked astir it. One doesn’t get the consciousness that’s wherever their absorption is.

All things considered, that seems appropriate.

“We’re each humans here,” Ekblad said. “There’s things much important than hockey.”

A acquisition their erstwhile manager ne'er learned. And 1 the athletics needs to learn.