‘Parasite’ star on his show ‘Dr. Brain’ and why America loves Korean drama

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Lee Sun-Kyun stars arsenic  a idiosyncratic    who develops a mode   to sync brains and presumption    different   people's memories successful  Apple TV's archetypal  Korean show, "Dr. Brain." Lee Sun-Kyun stars arsenic a idiosyncratic who develops a mode to sync brains and presumption different people's memories successful Apple TV's archetypal Korean show, "Dr. Brain."

Lee Sun-kyun, who appeared successful 2019 Oscar victor “Parasite” and present stars successful Apple’s archetypal Korean show, “Dr. Brain,” said he’s not amazed that the satellite is embracing Korean play close now.

“Recently with the emergence of [boy set sensation] BTS and the amusement ‘Squid Game’ and movie ‘Parasite,’ this truly sparked the curiosity and the planetary assemblage for Korean culture,” Sun-kyun, 46, told The Post done a translator. 

“There are galore platforms that supply casual entree to Korean content, truthful I deliberation it seems caller and caller to radical who haven’t been acquainted with the civilization — and we person communal grounds contempt the differences. And present Korean creators cognize that their contented volition beryllium shown to the planetary audience, they consciousness much unit to truly unrecorded up to those standards. So, I deliberation it’s a virtuous cycle.”

Lee Sun-kyun sits successful  a laboratory  speaking into a microphone. Lee Sun-kyun stars arsenic an obsessed idiosyncratic successful “Dr. Brain,” AppleTV’s archetypal Korean show. Juhan Noh

Now streaming connected AppleTV+ (new episodes premiere each Friday), “Dr. Brain” (which is successful Korean with English subtitles) is simply a sci-fil thriller astir Sewon Koh, (Sun-kyun), a encephalon idiosyncratic with an unspecified neural information who experiences a calamity erstwhile helium loses his household successful a mysterious accident. He tries to probe into what happened  by processing a process to bash “brain syncs” with the deceased — successful bid to comb done their memories and hunt for clues. 

Soon, however, helium begins losing consciousness of his ain memories and consciousness of aforesaid arsenic helium starts taking connected traits of radical helium syncs his encephalon to. Along the way, he’s helped by a constabulary officer, Lt. Choi (Seo Ji-hye).

Lee Sun Kyun lies connected  a array  looking alarmed with a contraption connected  his head. Lee Sun-kyon arsenic Sewon, a doc who develops a exertion to “sync” minds and memories, successful “Dr. Brain.”

“Sewon is simply a quality who doesn’t consciousness emotions oregon empathize with others [because of his unlabeled condition]. But done these encephalon scan technologies, helium yet understands the emotions that radical feel, and helium yet understands emotion for his family. So, I deliberation it’s besides a coming-of-age communicative for Sewon, which I truly like,” said Sun-kyun. 

He wanted to get the relation to enactment with director/screenwriter Kim Jee Woon (“A Bittersweet Life,”) who ended up providing inspiration successful much than 1 way.

“I’m a large instrumentality of manager Kim, and the information that this is his archetypal bid ever truly caught my attention,” helium said. “He’s a chill feline but doesn’t talk that much, truthful helium reminded maine of Sewon to immoderate extent. So, helium was 1 of the relation models that I used.”

Lee Sun-kyun (left) and Cho Yeo-jeong basal   broadside  by broadside  successful  a doorway successful  "Parasite." Lee Sun-kyun (left) and Cho Yeo-jeong successful “Parasite.” Courtesy Everett Collection

He said helium thinks helium landed the relation successful portion due to the fact that of his prominence from “Parasite,” which became the archetypal non-English-language movie to triumph the Oscar for Best Picture. 

“It was a full grant for maine to beryllium portion of specified a planetary hit,” helium said. “It besides inactive feels surreal to maine that it was specified a large hit. I deliberation the crushed I was formed successful this bid successful the archetypal spot was portion of the planetary fame that ‘Parasite’ brought me, but this is thing that happened successful the past. I don’t privation to beryllium stuck successful the glory of the past, I privation to spell connected with my life.

“So, I deliberation of it arsenic a truly bully escapade that I had.”