Parents’ Group Sues Mass. School District Over Racial Segregation, Abuse of Students

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A nationalist parents’ radical filed a national civilian rights suit against a New England nationalist schoolhouse territory for allegedly violating the U.S. Constitution by racially segregating students into “affinity groups” and imposing a pupil code code.

The suit comes arsenic parents and the education constitution crossed the United States are battling implicit captious contention mentation and the systemic racism that leftists reason plagues the nation.

Almost 70 years agone Supreme Court precedent established that “Public schools cannot segregate students by race, and students bash not wantonness their First Amendment rights astatine the schoolhouse gate,” states the ineligible ailment successful Parents Defending Education v. Wellesley Public Schools (WPS), which was filed Oct. 19 successful U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts.

But the schoolhouse territory successful this lawsuit is “flouting some of these principles,” the ailment continues.

The pb suspect is WPS, the nationalist schoolhouse territory for Wellesley, Massachusetts. It provides K-12 nationalist acquisition services for much than 4,700 students, operating 1 preschool, 7 simple schools, 1 mediate school, and 1 precocious school.

Under the guise of “racial equity,” WPS sponsors and organizes radical “affinity group” meetings that invited immoderate students but exclude others, “based solely connected the races and ethnicities of the students involved.” This radical segregation argumentation runs afoul of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution and Title VI of the Civil Rights Act, the ailment states.

WPS released a 5-year “equity strategical plan” successful 2020 that committed the schoolhouse territory to “pursue justness for … historically marginalized communities,” “continuously analyse systems of privilege and bias,” “work collectively to disrupt and dismantle inequity successful each its forms,” and execute “racial equity.”

To execute this, the territory announced it would make “affinity spaces for students with shared identity” successful bid to “nurture and affirm affirmative radical individuality development.” Under what the territory called its caller “Racial Affinity Group Policy,” radical “affinity groups” and “affinity spaces” were formed.

The argumentation is inherently exclusionary, states the complaint. According to WPS, a radical affinity radical is “an accidental for radical wrong an individuality radical to openly stock their experiences without hazard of feeling similar they volition offend idiosyncratic from different group, and without different group’s voices.”

WPS besides punishes pupil code it deems “biased,” which includes immoderate pupil code it considers “offensive,” has an “impact” connected others, “treats different idiosyncratic differently,” oregon “demonstrates conscious oregon unconscious bias.” The code code, according to the ineligible complaint, violates the First and Fourteenth Amendments, arsenic good arsenic the Massachusetts Students’ Freedom of Expression Law.

“Wellesley Public Schools maintains aggregate policies that show the district’s heavy contempt for the law rights of its students,” Parents Defending Education (PDE) President Nicole Neily said successful a statement. “Racial and viewpoint favoritism person nary spot successful an American nationalist school, and we are arrogant to combat connected behalf of our members to enactment a halt to these unconstitutional policies.”

“It is appalling that an American nationalist schoolhouse has consciously implemented a argumentation to segregate students based connected contention and ethnicity. Excluding children from activities based connected immutable characteristics is not lone immoral, but unconstitutional—and indispensable beryllium ended immediately—both successful Wellesley and everyplace other this signifier exists.”

PDE describes itself connected its website arsenic “a national grassroots enactment moving to reclaim our schools from activists promoting harmful agendas … we are warring indoctrination successful the schoolroom and for the restoration of a healthy, non-political acquisition for our kids.”

The ailment provides examples of harsh attraction of students thought to clasp blimpish opinions.

The children of a idiosyncratic identified arsenic Parent C are acrophobic to talk freely successful class. One of those children is said to person been held by a teacher aft people due to the fact that the kid mentioned the genitor was conservative. The teacher lectured the pupil astir wherefore the parent’s views should change. One of the aforesaid parent’s children was reported to person been “physically assaulted successful a schoolhouse hallway by classmates aft the assailants discovered that Parent C had voted for Donald Trump successful the statesmanlike election.” A guidance counsellor is said to person dismissed the child’s concerns due to the fact that the perpetrators were number students.

Other students “routinely outcry astatine and berate a chap pupil whenever the pupil expresses blimpish beliefs oregon speaks successful enactment of Republican politicians. The students’ teacher is contiguous portion this occurs but does not intervene and appears to hold with the aggressor students,” the ailment states.

Wellesley Public Schools could not beryllium reached for remark implicit the weekend.

Matthew Vadum


Matthew Vadum is an award-winning investigative writer and a recognized adept successful left-wing activism.