Parents Urge Loudoun County School Board, Superintendent to Resign Over ‘Bombshell’ Email

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Parents successful a Virginia region connected Tuesday urged schoolhouse committee members and the district’s superintendent to measurement down aft an email was published showing they knew astir a intersexual battle that took spot successful May.

“In airy of this, what I’m holding, this bombshell email, I respectfully inquire that the committee resign. You, too, Scott Ziegler,” 1 genitor said during a Loudoun County School Board meeting.

The committee and Superintendent Scott Ziegler knew astir a miss being raped by a antheral successful a bath astatine Stone Bridge High School connected the aforesaid time arsenic the incident, according to an email released by the territory past week.

Ziegler wrote to members connected May 28 to archer them that a pistillate pupil accused a antheral of sexually assaulting her successful a restroom astatine the school.

Ziegler claimed astatine a June 22 committee gathering that determination were nary records of immoderate assaults occurring successful restrooms successful the district. He was corrected by subordinate Beth Barts, but she referenced a 2018 incidental astatine Tuscarora High School, not the Stone Bridge assault.

“The full schoolhouse committee knew that a miss was raped astatine Stonebridge. That is simply a fact. Scott Ziegler lied to everyone during the June 22 schoolhouse committee gathering erstwhile helium said that nary assaults happened successful LCPS bathrooms. That is besides a fact,” 1 genitor said connected Tuesday, speaking conscionable hours aft students walked out of aggregate schools to protestation against officials.

“You were intelligibly alert of the intersexual battle astatine Stonebridge but kept it hidden, denied it, and proceeded to walk your policy,” different added. “All of you indispensable spell and we volition instrumentality backmost our schools.”

Ziegler said successful a prepared connection work to reporters earlier this period that helium was responding during the June gathering arsenic if it were lone astir incidents involving transgender oregon alleged gender-fluid students. The committee was debating a argumentation it aboriginal passed that lets students usage bathrooms for the enactment they assertion they are.

“I regret that my comments were misleading and I apologize for the distress that mistake caused families. I should person asked Board Member Barts clarifying questions to get to the basal of her question, alternatively than assuming what she meant. I volition bash amended successful the future,” helium said.

LCPS and committee members did not respond to requests for comment.

The antheral who raped the miss astatine Stone Bridge has been described by her parents arsenic taking vantage of a permissive situation fostered by schoolhouse officials regarding enactment and sex identity. During a proceeding Monday, a justice heard that the lad was wearing a skirt portion raping the girl. The justice recovered the lad guilty.

He remains detained until going earlier the aforesaid justice adjacent period connected charges related to an alleged battle that happened astatine Broad Run High School successful aboriginal October, prosecutors told quality outlets.

John Beatty, 1 of the committee members, joined parents successful calling for Ziegler’s resignation, alleging helium withheld accusation truthful that the pro-transgender argumentation would beryllium passed.

“I judge nary updates were fixed due to the fact that the superintendent was moving to aggressively walk a argumentation that would person allowed unrestricted entree of biologic males to pistillate restrooms. He didn’t supply accusation due to the fact that if it came retired that determination was an battle successful the bathroom, the transgender argumentation wouldn’t person passed,” Beatty told Fox News successful a statement

“I demanded a afloat investigation. And present our superintendent indispensable resign immediately. Withholding accusation for governmental summation is unacceptable and disqualifying.”

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