Parkland Shooting Victims' Families Reach $25 Million Settlement

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By aaron rustom
October 19, 2021

The suit against Broward County School District alleged negligence was a "contributing factor" that led to the massacre.

Families of 17 radical killed and survivors of the schoolhouse shooting astatine Marjory Stoneman Douglas High person reached a $25 cardinal colony with the Broward County School District.

The suit alleged that negligence was "a contributing factor" that led to the massacre. An lawyer representing the families said 52 families are included successful the settlement, but helium did not accidental however overmuch each would receive.

However, those families with loved ones killed volition person the largest amount, divided evenly among them. On Friday, an lawyer representing the gunman said his lawsuit volition plead blameworthy to each 17 murders.