Pathetic state of Jets deserving of Richard Seymour ‘homecoming’ dig

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FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — On a time erstwhile the Jets were hurt, humiliated and humbled, it was a dependable from the past that truly drove location however pathetic the 2021 Jets are.

The Patriots honored erstwhile antiaircraft lineman Richard Seymour astatine halftime connected Sunday, and Seymour recounted erstwhile manager Bill Belichick called him to archer him helium was being inducted into the team’s Hall of Fame. Seymour said Belichick asked him which crippled helium would similar to beryllium honored at.

“I told him I wanted to travel to our homecoming crippled against the Jets,” Seymour said to the delight of the Gillette Stadium crowd.

The worst portion of the flimsy was the Jets deserved it.

Patriots rookie backmost Mac Jones made it look similar helium was backmost astatine Alabama and the Jets were Vanderbilt as New England dismantled the Jets 54-13, handing the squad 1 of its worst losses ever — and that is saying something.

Adding wounded to insult, Jets rookie backmost Zach Wilson exited the crippled successful the 2nd 4th with a close genu injury. The content is Wilson has a PCL sprain, according to a source, and volition lone beryllium retired for a fewer weeks.

JetsPatriots large Richard Seymour called playing the Jets, the Patriots’ “homecoming game.”AP (2)

Wilson’s presumption is simply a concern, but truthful is however pitiful these Jets looked connected Sunday. Coming disconnected of a bye, the Jets were outcoached by Belichick and friends successful a mode that was stunning.

“They punched america successful the freaking rima and scored points, truthful recognition to them,” Saleh said. “That’s it. I mean, I’ve been successful portion of immoderate of those successful my life. They conscionable don’t consciousness good.”

The nonaccomplishment dropped the Jets to 1-5 and it was their 12th consecutive nonaccomplishment to the Patriots. New England entered the crippled with questions astir however it was playing, but utilized the Jets arsenic a “get right” crippled and looked conscionable fine, scoring connected its archetypal six possessions. The triumph moved the Pats to 3-4 this season.

It was a humiliating decision for the Jets, who gave up 50 points for the archetypal clip since 1995. The 54 points were the astir the Jets person allowed since Sept. 9, 1979, erstwhile the Patriots bushed them 56-3. The 54 points allowed is the fourth-most successful franchise history. The 41-point nonaccomplishment is the biggest nonaccomplishment by the Jets since their 45-3 nonaccomplishment to the Patriots connected Dec. 6, 2010. It is tied for the ninth-largest nonaccomplishment successful squad history.

“This is the NFL,” Saleh said. “You springiness up 50 points, it’s embarrassing. … A helpless feeling wherever you’re conscionable watching, you’re trying to fig thing out. I’ll beryllium honest. We speech astir adversity. Everyone was asking. You tin chalk this 1 up, it’s here. This is from coaches each the mode down. NFL doesn’t truly springiness a flying [expletive] — excuse my connection — successful presumption of scheduling. We got to enactment up the adjacent week and for the 11 oregon 12, immoderate we got left. I cognize we got the close men successful that locker room. I cognize we got the close radical successful that locker room. I cognize we’ll travel backmost strong. But we got to get it going.”

One of those men that Saleh apt volition beryllium without erstwhile the Jets look the Bengals and beyond is Wilson, the rookie the Jets anticipation is the reply to their decades-long hunt for a quarterback. Wilson made his champion propulsion of the game, a slug to choky extremity Ryan Griffin, conscionable earlier helium was injured.

After helium uncorked a heavy walk intended for Keelan Cole aboriginal successful the 2nd quarter, Wilson was deed by Patriots linebacker Matthew Judon and his close genu was driven into the ground. Wilson stayed down for respective minutes earlier walking disconnected and past heading to the locker room, wherever helium remained for the remainder of the game.

“I threw the shot and I deliberation my beforehand toe, ft benignant of conscionable got stuck successful the ground,” Wilson said. “The dude conscionable benignant of fell connected it with each of his weight. I benignant of felt similar it twisted and I felt a popular successful there.”

MacMac Jones is each smiles aft a Patriots touchdown against the Jets.AP

Wilson volition acquisition an MRI exam connected Monday to find the grade of the harm to his knee, but helium and Saleh some sounded optimistic that it won’t beryllium a agelong absence.

“The symptom truly isn’t there,” Wilson said. “It conscionable benignant of feels similar something’s disconnected arsenic acold arsenic conscionable being escaped oregon unstable a small bit.”

Mike White replaced Wilson and threw his archetypal NFL walk for a touchdown to Corey Davis. White made immoderate bully throws but besides threw 2 interceptions arsenic helium appeared successful a regular-season crippled for the archetypal time. White was not the crushed the Jets lost, though. The crippled felt implicit earlier helium adjacent entered it.

The members of the discourtesy spent the bye week talking astir however they could commencement faster, but opened the crippled with a three-and-out that showed nary creativity successful play-calling from coordinator Mike LaFleur. The Jets had a amended 2nd drive, but kicker Matt Ammendola missed a 48-yard field-goal attempt.

The Jets person present gone six games without scoring a constituent successful the archetypal quarter. The past squad to bash that was the 2008 Lions, who went 0-16. The Jets person been outscored 44-0 successful the archetypal 4th and 106-20 successful the archetypal half.

As atrocious arsenic the discourtesy looked, the defence matched it. The Patriots scored connected their archetypal six drives and led 31-7 astatine halftime and New England finished with 551 full yards.

The Jets present look a red-hot Bengals squad connected Sunday and question to play the Colts 4 days aboriginal connected “Thursday Night Football” and apt volition beryllium without Wilson successful both.

The Jets are the hostile each squad wants to spot close now. Just inquire Richard Seymour.