Patrizia Reggiani: 5 Things About The Woman Lady Gaga Plays In ‘House Of Gucci’

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Lady Gaga stars arsenic Patrizia Reggiani successful ‘House of Gucci.’ Patrizia was a real-life socialite whose beingness took a acheronian turn. Here are 5 cardinal things to cognize astir Patrizia.

House of Gucci revolves around Patrizia Reggiani, who joined into the Gucci family. She famously joined Maurizio Gucci, but their narration had a shocking and tragic end.

Lady Gaga stars arsenic Patrizia successful House of Gucci, which is present successful theaters. So, who is the existent Patrizia Reggiani? Where is she now? HollywoodLife has rounded up 5 things to cognize astir the pistillate known arsenic “The Black Widow” successful the Italian press.

Patrizia ReggianiThe existent Patrizia Reggiani. (Ipa/Shutterstock)

1. Patrizia hired a hitman to termination her ex. 

Patrizia and Maurizio joined successful 1972. They had 2 kids together, Allegra and Alessandra. Their matrimony came to extremity successful the mid-1980s, but their divorcement wasn’t finalized until 1994. At the time, Maurizio was dating Paola Franchi. On March 27, 1995, Maurizio was killed by a hitman connected the steps of his bureau successful Milan. Nearly 2 years later, Patrizia was arrested and accused of hiring the hitman to termination her ex-husband.

2. Patrizia went to prison.

In 1998, Patrizia was convicted of ordering Maurizio’s execution and sentenced to 29 years successful prison. The hitman who killed Maurizio was fixed a beingness sentence, The New York Times reported. She was released successful 2016 aft serving 18 years.

3. Patrizia hasn’t met Lady Gaga.

Even though Lady Gaga plays her successful House of Gucci, Patrizia and Lady Gaga person ne'er been face-to-face. “I didn’t privation to conscionable her due to the fact that I could archer precise rapidly that this pistillate wanted to beryllium glorified for this murder,” Gaga said connected Good Morning America. “And she wanted to beryllium remembered arsenic this criminal.” She added, “I didn’t privation to collude with thing I don’t judge in,” Lady Gaga continued. “She did person her hubby murdered.”

Patrizia told an Italian outlet, according to Vogue, “I americium rather annoyed by the information that Lady Gaga is playing maine successful the caller Ridley Scott movie without adjacent having the foresight and sensitivity to travel and conscionable me.”

4. Patrizia doesn’t talk to her daughters. 

Alessandra and Allegra were precise young erstwhile their begetter was murdered and their parent was sent to prison. In 2004, Patrizia’s daughters argued for a retrial and reportedly insisted that their parent “was not successful bid of her intelligence faculties astatine the clip of the murder.” They said Patrizia underwent country to region a encephalon tumor successful 1992, which “affected her quality to reason.”

However, the narration betwixt Patrizia and her daughters has changed successful caller years. “We are going done a atrocious clip now. They don’t recognize maine and person chopped disconnected my fiscal support. I person nothing, and I haven’t adjacent met my 2 grandsons,” Patrizia told The Guardian successful 2016.

Lady GagaLady Gaga arsenic Patrizia Reggiani. (Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures)

5. Patrizia present lives successful Milan.

Patrizia is inactive alive. She is 72 years aged now. As of 2016, she was surviving successful Milan. Despite hiring a hitman to termination her husband, Patrizia inactive receives an yearly pension of $1.47 cardinal from his estate, according to Newsweek. Before his death, Maurizio had signed an statement to wage Patrizia that sum for the remainder of her life.