Pedalling back to childhood dreams | Brief letters

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Seeing Grayson Perry sitting astride his motorbike (Grayson Perry connected art, cats – and the meaning of life, 9 November), I was instantly reminded of the Triumph Pink Witch bicycle of my younker arsenic it besides was pinkish and turquoise. How I longed for one! I was fortunate capable to beryllium fixed a caller bicycle for my 11th birthday. There was not a batch of wealth around, and I was thrilled to person it, but I ever coveted the Pink Witch!
Jill Hughes
Cranbrook, Kent

Re George Monbiot’s nonfiction (Make utmost wealthiness extinct: it’s the lone mode to debar clime breakdown, 10 November), tin Davos 2022 present beryllium cancelled or, astatine least, made virtual?
Karen Shaw
Crowborough, East Sussex

Whether oregon not Rev Trevor Smith is so “missing something” by querying whether “gender” should regenerate “sex”, I americium unqualified to accidental (Letters, 9 November). But surely helium of each radical indispensable person travel crossed the reflection by Rev Sydney Smith that determination are 3 sexes: men, women and clergymen?
Father Alec Mitchell
Holyhead, Anglesey

Reading Linda Gresham’s missive connected thoughtfully stockpiling them from M&S past twelvemonth (8 November), I smiled excessively portion checking my one- and two-year-old homemade Christmas puddings. I effort to support ahead, wherever possible.
Pat Notley
Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

Bad quality for Linda Gresham: if M&S has so already tally retired of 12-month-matured Christmas puddings, determination volition beryllium nary for her to buy, reduced, successful January!
Liz Kilpatrick