Pennsylvania Considers Bill That Would Allow Residents to Sue Big Tech Over Censorship

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Two Pennsylvania authorities senators are seeking to walk a measure that would let residents to writer societal media companies that censor their contented based connected governmental oregon spiritual views.

Sens. Doug Mastriano (R-Gettysburg) and Scott Hutchinson (R-Oil City) sponsored authorities Senate Bill 604 (pdf), called the Social Media Accountability Act, that would let individuals the quality to writer Big Tech societal media companies similar Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter for banning oregon censoring their account.

The existent mentation of the measure indicates an idiosyncratic tin person up to $75,000 successful damages. The measure besides requires societal media providers to intelligibly bespeak the crushed for immoderate prohibition oregon disabled relationship wrong 30 days on with a people of enactment for reinstatement.

“This benignant of authorities represents the astir effectual mode to combat backmost against biased large tech employees censoring and banning escaped code that they don’t like,” Mastriano said successful a statement.

Our senators are warring for your archetypal amendment rights. Read more:

— PA Senate Republicans (@PASenateGOP) October 20, 2021

“Our rights to escaped code are intelligibly enshrined successful the archetypal amendment. That close should not extremity successful the nationalist sphere of societal media. Social media companies are censoring users whose spiritual and governmental views offend the delicate sensibilities of large tech oligarchs. Our measure volition clasp these censors accountable by allowing mundane citizens of Pennsylvania to writer for damages up to $75,000,” helium added.

According to Hutchinson, the extremity is the just attraction of individuals, careless of a person’s governmental and spiritual beliefs.

“In caller years we person seen galore cases of unfair, inconsistent, and often one-sided censorship of societal media users,” Hutchinson said successful the statement. “The extremity of our authorities is to guarantee that each societal media users are treated fairly, careless of their governmental and spiritual beliefs.”

The measure has been referred to the Consumer Protection & Professional Licensure Committee wherever it present awaits a vote.

The authorities is not the archetypal effort by a authorities to propulsion backmost against societal media censorship. In May, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) signed a measure to let companies to writer societal media companies implicit censorship issues.

The Florida bill, Senate Bill 7072, focused connected organizations astatine hazard of losing concern implicit societal media censorship.

“This session, we took enactment to guarantee that ‘We the People’—real Floridians crossed the Sunshine State—are guaranteed extortion against the Silicon Valley elites,” DeSantis said successful a statement.

“Many successful our authorities person experienced censorship and different tyrannical behaviour firsthand successful Cuba and Venezuela. If Big Tech censors enforce rules inconsistently, to discriminate successful favour of the ascendant Silicon Valley ideology, they volition present beryllium held accountable,” helium added.

Christopher Burroughs


Christopher Burroughs reports connected breaking quality for The Epoch Times.