Pennsylvania Governor Breaks Voting Law When Wife Delivers His Ballot

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Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf’s vote was fraudulently formed successful the wide election, but it inactive counted successful the results.

Wolf, a Democrat, casually mentioned during a Tuesday interrogation connected KDKA Radio that his woman Frances Wolf dropped disconnected his mail-in ballot astatine the York County Courthouse. That’s not allowed.

In Pennsylvania, voters whitethorn petition to person a ballot mailed to their home. The ballot is past personally returned to a ballot container by the voter. Having idiosyncratic other present the ballot is considered election fraud, punishable by a $1,000 good and a twelvemonth successful prison.

The objection is voters with a disability, who whitethorn person idiosyncratic other present their ballot if they get anterior approval.

“Here you person a feline who has said predetermination fraud is insignificant and it ne'er happens. This is predetermination fraud. He’s not trying to manipulate the outcome, but this is an illustration of fraud,” Republican authorities Rep. Seth Grove told The Epoch Times.

Pennsylvania First Lady Frances Wolf Pennsylvania First Lady Frances Wolf (Commonwealth Media Services)

Wolf’s bureau has called the concern an honorable mistake.

But Wolf should person known better, since successful June, helium vetoed a voting betterment measure that would person made this precise enactment legal.

“He vetoed a measure that would person fixed that, and ensured his woman wasn’t a criminal,” Grove quipped. “At the aforesaid time, helium could besides pardon her. ‘Just driblet it disconnected honey. I’ll pardon you later.’ I don’t know. I wasn’t determination for the conversation.”

Vetoed House Bill 1300 would person allowed household members to driblet disconnected ballots arsenic agelong arsenic they beryllium they unrecorded successful the aforesaid household, Grove said.

“The cardinal is to person predetermination officials determination and enactment observers watching,” Grove said. The ballot container should beryllium treated arsenic a polling place.”

The York County building, wherever region residents formed mailed ballots, has a driblet container by the metallic detector wherever radical enter. A instrumentality enforcement serviceman operates the metallic detector and monitors the box.

“I told them they should person an predetermination worker determination to marque definite they person it correct,” said Grove, who besides is from York County. “If you bring successful aggregate ballots, those ballots are to beryllium acceptable speech and not counted. We cognize the governor’s ballot counted due to the fact that it didn’t get pulled out. It went into the box.”

Republican-led House Bill 1300 included a big of predetermination reforms, updating Pennsylvania’s 1937 Election Code, and soon, Wolf volition person different ace astatine those reforms. They person been reintroduced arsenic House Bill 1800.

“It is retired of committee, connected the floor, acceptable to go,” Grove said of HB 1800. “I person assurance the General Assembly tin determination it to the governor’s desk. I deliberation helium needs to travel to the array for predetermination reform, to marque definite each ineligible elector has entree to participate.”

The measure calls for elector photograph identification, large fines for predetermination tampering, and sets parameters for aboriginal in-person voting.

Will Wolf veto it again? His bureau offered nary response.

The House is expected to determination connected it adjacent week.

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