‘People Are Hoarding’: Executives Issue Warning on Possible Food Shortages

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Some executives are issuing warnings that determination mightiness beryllium nutrient shortages nationwide owed to supply chain bottlenecks coming arsenic a fig of schoolhouse districts person reported they haven’t received shipments of cardinal items similar beverage oregon chickenhearted nuggets.

In the past respective weeks, schoolhouse officials successful Denver to Chicago to parts of Alabama person reported that schools are moving retired of lunches oregon breakfasts, calling connected parents to battalion lunches for their children. Some luncheon unit person been forced to bargain their ain cooking and cleaning supplies.

“I ne'er imagined that we’d beryllium present successful October 2021 talking astir supply-chain problems, but it’s a reality,” Vivek Sankaran, main enforcement serviceman of Albertsons, told Bloomberg News this week. “Any fixed day, you’re going to person thing missing successful our stores, and it’s crossed categories.”

And Saffron Road, a shaper of frozen and shelf-stable meals, is holding much inventory and volition support for months of proviso connected manus alternatively of 1 oregon 2 months.

“People are hoarding,” Saffron Road CEO and laminitis Adnan Durrani told Bloomberg. “What I deliberation you’ll spot implicit the adjacent six months, each prices volition spell higher.”

Epoch Times Photo Empty supermarket shelves astatine Safeway successful Williams, Arizona, successful precocious September were partially owed to delayed shipments, according to a store employee. (Allan Stein/The Epoch Times)

Land O’Lakes, 1 of the biggest workplace cooperatives successful the United States, said its beverage producting is normal. However, the immense backlog of ships that are attempting to dock astatine the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach person led to proviso concatenation issues nationwide, a spokesperson said.

“The challenges successful the proviso concatenation proceed to beryllium issues specified arsenic operator shortages, labour and congestion astatine the ports,” Land O’Lakes main proviso serviceman Yone Dewberry told Bloomberg.

The comments travel amid viral videos posted online in caller days showing bare shelves successful areas astir the country.

Last week, the White House announced it would effort to alleviate immoderate of the strain connected the 2 ports by having them enactment 24-hour shifts, 7 days per week. However, information provided by Marine Exchange shows determination are inactive much than 160 ships waiting to enter the port arsenic of Wednesday.

Walmart, Target, UPS, and FedEx, among others would also grow their overnight operations astatine the ports to woody with transportation backlogs, the White House besides said.

Meanwhile, according to the latest update from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, dated Oct. 15, “There are presently nary nationwide shortages of food, though successful immoderate cases the inventory of definite foods astatine your market store mightiness beryllium temporarily debased earlier stores tin restock.”

Food accumulation and manufacturing are wide dispersed passim the U.S. and determination are presently nary wide-spread disruptions reported successful the proviso chain,” said the bureau connected its website.

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