‘Persecution, Not Prosecution’–Ramaswamy Calls on DeSantis and Haley to Join Him in Condemning Trump Indictment

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CHARLESTON, SC—The day of March 18, lone hours aft rumors of Donald Trump’s imaginable indictment by Manhattan territory lawyer Alvin Bragg successful the Stormy Daniels matter went flying astir the internet, insurgent statesmanlike campaigner entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy called upon 2 different chap candidates, announced Nikki Haley and presumed Ron DeSantis, to articulation him successful a vehement condemnation of this imaginable action.

Calling it “persecution, not prosecution” Ramaswamy made this telephone astatine the Vision ’24 National Conservative Forum astatine the Charleston Area Convention Center wherever Haley was speaking. She ne'er mentioned the Trump indictment successful her code that preceded Ramaswamy’s.

Ramaswamy acknowledged that it would beryllium to the imaginable vantage of different Republican candidates were Trump to beryllium indicted oregon adjacent upwind up down bars, but insisted this was an important substance of rule that each candidates should hold upon.

Using the justness strategy to punish oregon destruct governmental opponents successful the midst of a run is the implicit incorrect mode to govern a law republic, fto unsocial a ideology of immoderate sort. It is the roadworthy to being a banana republic.

Ironically, it mightiness beryllium Ramaswamy, the astir overtly MAGA campaigner too Trump himself, who would nett astir were the 45th president find himself incapable to run.

Earlier successful the day, the campaigner had posted the pursuing connected Twitter:

“A Trump indictment would beryllium a nationalist disaster. It is un-American for the ruling enactment to usage constabulary powerfulness to apprehension its governmental rivals. If a Republican authoritative successful 2004 had utilized a run concern technicality to apprehension then-candidate John Kerry portion Bush & Cheney were successful power, liberals would person cried foul – and rightly so. Principles spell beyond partisanship. Let the American radical determine who governs. This volition people a acheronian infinitesimal successful American past and volition undermine nationalist spot successful our electoral strategy itself. I telephone connected the Manhattan District Attorney to reconsider this enactment and to enactment speech partisan authorities successful work of preserving our Constitutional republic.”

As of this writing, nary different campaigner different than Trump himself—that I cognize of—from either broadside has made a nationalist connection connected the imaginable indictment.

Traveling successful South Carolina with the Ramaswamy campaign, the campaigner told The Epoch Times helium is making this nationalist announcement successful portion to discourage Bragg from going ahead. It’s not casual to foretell what would travel from specified an indictment but, judging from what I person seen connected the net and heard successful speech here, it would not beryllium pretty.

A state that is already riven astir arsenic nary clip since the Civil War would beryllium driven further apart. Ramaswamy is not going excessively acold successful utilizing the connection “disaster” successful his tweet. It is also, arsenic helium said “a acheronian moment.”

I volition person overmuch much to accidental astir my observations of the Ramaswamy run aft I person watched him talk astatine the Rock Hill Missionary Baptist Church successful Manning, South Carolina.

One happening I volition accidental now: his run is not arsenic overmuch of a agelong changeable arsenic I thought it was.

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