Pete Davidson Pens Emotional Letter Before Appearing On Final ‘SNL’ Episode: ‘I Owe My Life’

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Pete Davidson closed a large section successful his beingness erstwhile helium decided to measurement away from Saturday Night Live, which helium reflected connected successful an affectional missive — saying helium “owed” his “life” to the legendary bid arsenic good arsenic creator Lorne Michaels. As the 28-year-old doesn’t person societal media, helium posted the connection via his adjacent person Dave Sirus, who besides co-wrote The King Of Staten Island with him. In the video information of the post, a 20-year-old Pete is seen hugging Jerrod Carmichael aft his precise archetypal occurrence astatine Studio 8H backmost successful 2014.

“This video was taken 8 years ago. Jerrod sent it to maine past nighttime and it made maine ace affectional successful the champion way. In the video I had conscionable gotten backmost from doing my precise archetypal update and sketch,” the Staten Island autochthonal began. “It’s brainsick to deliberation that contiguous I’ll beryllium doing my past one. When I got the amusement I was 20 years aged and I had nary thought what I was doing. I inactive don’t but particularly backmost then. I wasn’t truly a sketch performer I was conscionable a basal up,” helium wrote. Pete holds the grounds for being the youngest ever formed subordinate to articulation the series. His exit comes amid a formed shakeup, that besides included the departures of Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant, and Kyle Mooney.

Pete besides tipped his chapeau disconnected to Kate — who was connected the amusement for a decennary — successful the letter. “I knew I could ne'er support up oregon spell toed to toed with a Kenan Thompson oregon a Kate McKinnon truthful I was ace frightened astatine figuring retired what I could perchance bring to oregon bash for specified a historic, respected amusement and platform,” helium explained, revealing that was however helium ended up arsenic a Weekend Update regular with adjacent person Colin Jost.

Pete Davidson is seen during his past Weekend Update connected May 22. (Will Heath/NBC)

“I figured since I’m a basal up I’ll conscionable effort my stand-up and idiosyncratic bits connected Weekend Update arsenic myself and I’m truthful gladsome I did. I got to stock truthful overmuch with this assemblage and virtually turn up successful beforehand of your eyes. We were unneurotic done the bully and the bad, the happiest and the darkest of times,” helium said.

Pete’s final quality connected the amusement was, fittingly, alongside Jost and Michael Che connected Weekend Update wherever helium cracked a fig of jokes, including 1 astir proposal helium got from Lorne erstwhile getting engaged to ex-fiancée Ariana Grande after conscionable 2 weeks. Notably, Pete besides made notation to woman Kim Kardashian‘s ex-husband Kanye West — but simply made notation of the information “millions” were waiting for him to bring up the Yeezy designer.

Pete Davidson's backmost astatine the Update desk. #SNLFinale

— Saturday Night Live – SNL (@nbcsnl) May 22, 2022

“I beryllium Lorne Michaels and everyone astatine SNL my life. I’m truthful grateful and I wouldn’t beryllium present without them. I admit you guys ever having my backmost and sticking up for maine adjacent erstwhile that wasn’t the fashionable opinion,” helium said towards the extremity of the letter. “Thank you for ever believing successful maine and sticking by my broadside adjacent erstwhile it seemed comical. Thank you for teaching maine beingness values, however to turn up and for giving maine memories that volition past a lifetime. SNL is my home. I’m truthful blessed and bittersweet astir tonight’s show. For truthful galore reasons I can’t explain. Can’t hold to beryllium backmost adjacent twelvemonth successful a [John] Mulaney philharmonic number,” helium added, signing disconnected arsenic “resident young idiosyncratic Pete Davidson.”