Pete Davidson takes shots at the Jonas Brothers in new ‘Family Roast’ clip

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Jonas Family Roast The JoBros are getting ROASTED successful their precise ain drama special. TERENCE PATRICK

Someone get the Jonas Brothers immoderate spicy hitch and seasoning due to the fact that they’re getting roasted.

The philharmonic trio volition beryllium getting their comedic comeuppance successful the upcoming Netflix peculiar “Family Roast.”

In a newly-released 50-second clip for the show, JoBros “superfan” Pete Davidson takes immoderate hilarious shots astatine Nick, 29, Kevin, 33, and Joe, 32.

“I’m a immense fan,” the “Saturday Night Live” comedian, 27, says arsenic helium rocked a yellowish “I bosom Jonas” tee. “I perceive to the Jonas Brothers each clip I’m successful a supermarket.”

Davidson past ragged connected Nick’s acting career, joking, “Show immoderate respect, Nick’s a legit histrion now, he’s won everything from a Kids Choice Award to a Teen Choice Award.”

“Nick adjacent had a deed called ‘Jealous’ — though it would’ve been much believable if Kevin was singing it,” Davidson continued. Cue the tense laughter from the popular group.

Kenan Thompson volition beryllium hosting the peculiar and the amusement besides features impermanent appearances from Niall Horan, Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias, John Legend, Lilly Singh and Jack Whitehall. The brothers are besides producing the episode.

The archetypal teaser dropped past period erstwhile the erstwhile Disney Channel musicians announced the show. “It’s a one-of-a-kind drama peculiar that celebrates the cosmopolitan information that nary 1 tin get nether your tegument rather similar your family,” Nick quipped successful the announcement clip.

According to a property release, fans volition “see the multi-platinum planetary superstars the Jonas Brothers similar you’ve ne'er seen them earlier done sketches, songs, games, and peculiar guests – each to springiness them a roasting they’ll ne'er forget.”

“Jonas Brothers Family Roast” volition deed the streaming work connected Nov. 23.