Peter Menzies: Ottawa’s Fix for the News Business Will Actually Hurt It

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Unless Canada intends to enactment astir of its quality media permanently nether immoderate signifier of authorities subsidy, Ottawa indispensable get superior astir a semipermanent program for the sustainability of the industry. And that means not forcing radical to springiness quality distant for escaped erstwhile different radical are trying to physique subscription-based concern models.

Everyone knows the devastating interaction the technological gyration of the past 30 years has had on, successful particular, accepted newspapers. Thousands of jobs person been lost—and not conscionable by journalists. Dozens of titles, galore with agelong and distinguished histories, person slipped beneath the waves of alteration portion conscionable arsenic galore are poised to follow.

At the aforesaid time, the outgo of introduction into the quality concern is nary longer astir arsenic precocious arsenic it was erstwhile a $50 cardinal printing property was the terms of admission. And portion that improvement has opened the doorway for galore dynamic caller startups, the national authorities has inactive deemed it indispensable to motorboat a fig of initiatives designed to prolong quality organizations. (The stifling effect that has connected entrepreneurs and innovators is simply a statement for different day.)

These see astir $120 cardinal successful yearly taxation credits to approved companies, $10 cardinal annually for the Local Journalism Initiative (LJI) and an undetermined magnitude to beryllium transferred from an as-yet chartless fig of online and societal media companies done the Online News Act. The taxation credits were initially to beryllium for lone 5 years but were made imperishable this year, which apt signals the aforesaid aboriginal for the LJI.

But what the authorities hasn’t done is instrumentality a look astatine each the things it is doing to make an oversupply of the precise merchandise that they present consciousness they person to subsidize to heighten the sustainability of quality organizations.

Take, for example, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission’s caller support of the broadcasting facet of Rogers’ takeover of Shaw Communications.

Among the conditions Rogers indispensable meet are to “increase the aggregate fig of journalists employed successful Citytv markets crossed the country, doubling its journalistic spot successful Western Canada; and make an Indigenous quality squad composed of journalists based successful each the provinces wherever Rogers provides quality content.”

It each sounds precise virtuous, right? But isolated from the radical really getting hired for these jobs, is determination immoderate existent benefit? I mean, fto a 1000 voices bloom and each that but doesn’t falsely adding much contention to already competitory markets really bash harm to the Calgary Herald, Edmonton Journal, Red Deer Advocate, and Medicine Hat News? Doesn’t adding different indigenous quality squad to Citytv marque it much hard for Aboriginal Peoples Television Network and different indigenous broadcasters to aggregate the audiences they request to make viable concern models and grow?

The CRTC already oversees 1,200 vigor stations which, successful bid to advertise, person to nutrient a minimum of 42 hours of section programming each week of which quality is astir ever a cardinal component. And, arsenic we each know, vigor is free. So portion it’s understandable that licenses successful underserved markets would importune connected a quality service, it makes perfectly nary consciousness to person 40 oregon truthful vigor broadcasters licensed successful Toronto giving quality distant for escaped erstwhile astir apt astatine slightest fractional of them don’t truly privation to, and news-based businesses are warring to lure subscribers wrong their paywalls.

So portion the authorities is busily moving to prop up quality organizations connected the 1 hand, the CRTC is connected the different manus undermining their opportunities for occurrence by mandating an artificial—and escaped to the consumer—oversupply successful the quality market. Little wonderment journalism is connected the ropes. What benignant of business, aft all, tin past by trying to complaint for a work that a authorities bureau is insisting thousands of others springiness distant for free?

Then there’s the Online News Act. While galore of america stay unconvinced of the concern lawsuit down it, this conception was developed by paper publishers facing economical distress to unit ample online companies to compensate them arsenic a nationalist good. Over the past year, astir of them signed commercialized deals with Facebook and Google. Seeing that, the CBC and different broadcasters not facing economical distress talked Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez into including them arsenic beneficiaries and are bellying up to that bar. So now, the mode the Online News Act is crafted, the CBC—which is already heavy subsidized and allowed to vie for advertizing against the precise backstage assemblage whose taxes enactment it—is apt going to get the astir wealth adjacent though it has ne'er argued publically that it deserves it.

The bottommost enactment is that those who really conceived of and campaigned for the act—enterprises whose superior concern is journalism—will astir surely get little gross than they were anticipating, portion their licensed competitors currency successful and proceed to springiness their merchandise distant for escaped astatine the behest of the CRTC.

If the authorities truly believes successful the sustainability of the quality business, the archetypal happening it needs to bash is halt hurting it.

Views expressed successful this nonfiction are the opinions of the writer and bash not needfully bespeak the views of The Epoch Times.

Peter Menzies


Peter Menzies is simply a elder chap with the Macdonald-Laurier Institute, an grant winning journalist, and erstwhile vice-chair of the CRTC.