Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour to sell controversial $18.1M home

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david gilmour sussex mansion The home's operation has been the taxable of section controversy. Pereds/Triangle News

He don’t request nary seaside mansion. 

Following section contention implicit his conversion of an abandoned, 19th-century UK bathhouse into a backstage estate, English rocker David Gilmour is reportedly selling the property. 

Area residents took contented with the Pink Floyd guitarist, 76, demolishing the historically important operation 3 years aft purchasing it successful 2015. It was initially built to supply bathing facilities to those excessively mediocre to person their own. 

“Hey Gilmour, permission our hood alone,” 1 activistic radical wrote successful a connection pinned to the gathering earlier its destruction, the Daily Mail reported. “All successful each it’s conscionable different betrayal of america all, to you it’s conscionable different ceramic successful the wall.”

Gilmour went up with the operation of his waterfront East Sussex compound, but present — conscionable 2 years aft completing it — helium and his 60-year-old wife, Polly Sampson, program to sell, according to Jam Press. The five-bedroom, three-bathroom location is acceptable to database for conscionable implicit $18.1 million. 

“When you aftermath up successful the morning, the presumption is ever a surprise: the oversea and entity are ne'er the same,” Gilmour and Sampson reflected successful a connection supplied by their existent property agent. “It’s a immense vantage not to person a engaged roadworthy and postulation betwixt america and the sea.” 

david gilmour sussex mansionAn aerial presumption of the property.Pereds/Triangle News
david gilmour sussex mansionThe location is located successful East Sussex. Pereds/Triangle News
david gilmour sussex mansionThe spot has 5 bedrooms.Pereds/Triangle News
david gilmour sussex mansionThere is simply a main location and a abstracted impermanent cottage.Pereds/Triangle News
david gilmour sussex mansionThe code was formerly a nationalist bathhouse. Pereds/Triangle News
david gilmour sussex mansionGilmour finalized the pad conscionable 2 years ago. Pereds/Triangle News
david gilmour sussex mansionAn outdoor courtyard connected the property.Pereds/Triangle News
david gilmour sussex mansionThe location besides contains a signaling studio.Pereds/Triangle News
david gilmour sussex mansionEnglish singer, guitarist and instrumentalist David Gilmour of Pink Floyd holds a achromatic Fender Stratocaster guitar, nicknamed The Black Strat, during a rehearsal astatine Chiddingfold successful Surrey, England, successful March 2006.Popperfoto via Getty Images

The freshly completed location features a library, “music room,” signaling studio, sauna, temperature-controlled vino storage, gym, a courtyard plot and a sunken garden. Further amenities see underfloor heating, a distant CCTV strategy and remote-controlled doorway introduction with biometric fingerprint access. There is besides a abstracted three-bed cottage that tin service arsenic a impermanent location and a parking garage. 

In the main house, the superior chamber has a dressing country and “sea views successful each directions,” according to the departing couple. It’s “a beauteous spot from which to ticker the sunrise and sunset crossed the sea.”