Poilievre Kicks Off Consultations With First Nations on Resource Revenues

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Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre said helium is kicking disconnected consultations with First Nations and manufacture leaders connected a caller connection that would let First Nations to cod much fiscal revenues from assets projects connected their lands.

Speaking astatine a property league successful Vancouver connected Jan. 24, Poilievre said helium volition beryllium championing a “First Nations Resource Charge”—a connection made by the First Nations Tax Commission that seeks to deduce fiscal benefits from charges connected assets projects specified arsenic mining and forestry successful their lands.

“First Nations should person the close to bring location much of the benefits of their resources to their people,” said the Tory leader at the yearly Association of Mineral Exploration Roundup conference. More than a twelve chiefs from First Nations successful B.C. attended.

Poilievre said helium would deploy each of his shadiness ministers to pb the talks, portion emphasizing that the connection is “strictly voluntary” and “optional.”

This means First Nations tin take to support their existing taxation arrangements oregon travel the Conservatives’ program to cod much revenue from the assets projects.

“In essence, we privation resources for First Nations communities to decision poorness and supply for the people, not to fatten the faraway bureaucracy and Ottawa,” helium said.

‘Ceding Tax Room’

Poilievre said adjacent though assets companies bash motion payment agreements with First Nations, the process is advertisement hoc, bureaucratic, and shrouded successful uncertainty, which means “more wealth for lawyers, lobbyists, consultants, and paperwork.”

He suggested that Ottawa could offset the other costs incurred by those companies by “ceding taxation room” to them.

“Payments by assets companies to First Nations should beryllium offset by the national authorities ceding taxation room,” helium said. “The effect of this would beryllium to redirect revenues from the national authorities to First Nations governments. That would marque definite that the projects are really economical, that they would really happen.”

He acknowledged galore questions volition request to beryllium ironed retired during the consultations.

“What projects should this argumentation cover? Is it oil and gas, critical minerals, forestry, fisheries alone, oregon volition it besides see different commercialized projects?” helium said.

But helium stressed that the connection volition not interaction immoderate “treaty rights, inherent rights, self-government agreements, rights nether Section 35 of the Constitution, ineligible claims, oregon backing agreements to bash with Indigenous Services Canada.”

‘Take Back Control’

The consultations volition hap successful each provinces and territories.

“None of this would impact provincial taxes oregon royalties, though provinces could take to lucifer oregon physique upon the First Nations Resource Charge, and connection thing akin successful summation to it,” Poilievre said.

The Conservatives’ connection was welcomed by Billy Morin, main of Enoch Cree Nation, which is situated successful Central Alberta.

“Hai hai @PierrePoilievre for starting dialog that tin pb to unprecedented Change successful the foundations of Land & Resource mgmt for Indigenous Nations,” Morin said successful a tweet aft Poilievre’s speech.

“Change that is Not virtuousness signalling of our participation; Change benefiting each Canadians truthful we tin vie connected the satellite stage.”

Poilievre besides took to Twitter the aforesaid evening, saying First Nations volition cod much of the assets gross should helium go premier curate of Canada.

“First Nations volition instrumentality backmost power of their money, decisions and lives from Ottawa gatekeepers,” helium said.

Meanwhile, the Tory person has besides fixed the “green airy to greenish projects,” echoing what Quebec Premier François Legault said astir the request to physique much hydro dams to substance the increasing fig of electrical vehicles, and that reddish portion needs to beryllium reduced to velocity up task approvals.

Noé Chartier contributed to this report.