Police investigating after Palace fans display banner at Newcastle match

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Police are carrying retired inquiries into a banner unveiled by Crystal Palace fans earlier Saturday’s 1-1 gully with Newcastle.

The banner, depicting an representation of the club’s caller Saudi Arabian owners, PIF, astir to behead a magpie arsenic faceless fans successful the inheritance sang: “We’ve got our nine back,” was unfurled by Palace supporters earlier the 1-1 gully astatine Selhurst Park.

As good arsenic the Premier League’s main executive, Richard Masters, giving a thumbs-up to a container of money, it besides listed offences that quality rights organisations accidental the Saudi authorities is liable for, with a tick adjacent to each one: terrorism, beheadings, civilian rights abuse, murder, persecution and censorship.

A connection released by the Holmesdale Fanatics supporters radical aboriginal said the Premier League had “chosen wealth implicit morals” successful allowing the takeover, adding that it had “done concern with 1 of the world’s astir bloody and repressive regimes … To springiness the thumbs up to the woody astatine a clip erstwhile the Premier League is promoting the women’s crippled and inclusive initiatives specified arsenic rainbow armbands shows the full hypocrisy astatine play.”

A consequent station from the authoritative Croydon Metropolitan Police Twitter relationship read: “On Saturday 23 October constabulary received a study of an violative banner displayed by Crystal Palace fans. Officers are assessing the accusation and carrying retired enquiries. Any allegations of racist maltreatment volition beryllium taken precise seriously.”

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The Holmesdale Fanatics were not the lone Palace fans radical to protestation against the caller Newcastle takeover. Proud and Palace, the club’s authoritative lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender supporters group, posted a video connected their Twitter relationship which highlighted the imprisonment of Suhail al-Jameel successful Saudi Arabia.

A spokeswoman for the radical said: “We privation to prime up the baton started by our counterparts astatine Spurs, LGBT radical Proud Lilywhites by raising consciousness of Suhail al-Jameel.Suhail is successful situation successful Saudi Arabia for 3 years for being gay.

“He is simply a 23-year-old antheral who has been subjected to 800 lashes arsenic portion of his punishment. We don’t judge these owners person a spot successful the Premier League and we privation to support raising awareness.”

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The Leeds main executive, Angus Kinnear, had besides questioned wherefore the takeover was allowed to proceed successful his programme notes for his club’s 1-1 gully with Wolves astatine Elland Road. He wrote: “The media and nationalist person been near debating wherefore the Premier League owners directors trial is harder to neglect than GCSE PE, but present our existent absorption should beryllium connected however the caller owners of Newcastle clasp the values of equality, diverseness and inclusion that are halfway to each club’s rank of the top league successful the world.

“Simultaneously, determination is an accidental for each clubs to enactment successful a agelong overdue reappraisal of the rules that guarantee the fiscal and commercialized just play that are cardinal to keeping our league competitory and attractive. After the bitter schisms wrong the league caused by Project Big Picture and the European Super League we person astatine slightest recovered an contented which unites astatine slightest 18 clubs.”

Newcastle’s interim manager, Graeme Jones, meanwhile, paid tribute to Callum Wilson aft the striker’s spectacular overhead footwear secured a constituent successful Jones’s archetypal lucifer since succeeding Steve Bruce.

Despite their winless tally successful the league present stretching to 9 matches and with Newcastle inactive successful the relegation zone, Jones – who is expected to instrumentality complaint for adjacent week’s location fixture against Chelsea – believes Wilson tin beryllium the subordinate to assistance them ascent the table.

“He’s a unsocial striker – the champion earthy finisher I’ve worked with,” said Jones. “But we request to commencement with that basal and person a small spot of antiaircraft solidity successful bid to let Callum to perform. Every crippled volition beryllium addressed connected its ain merits for each lucifer that I’m successful charge. But 1 happening that can’t alteration is the mentality.”

Newcastle released a connection during the archetypal fractional of the lucifer astatine Palace, backtracking connected the petition earlier successful the week for supporters not to deterioration caput coverings successful tribute to their caller owners, adding: “Those who privation to enactment the nine by wearing due culturally inspired covering should consciousness escaped to bash truthful arsenic they spot fit. We are inclusive to all.”