Police Investigating Motive Behind Deadly Idaho Mall Shooting

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By David Ries

and Associated Press
October 26, 2021

Authorities said 2 radical were killed and 4 others injured aft a gunman opened occurrence astatine the Boise Towne Square buying mall.

Investigators are trying to fig retired the motive down a shooting astatine a Boise, Idaho, buying promenade that killed 2 radical and injured 4 others Monday afternoon.

One of the injured is simply a constabulary serviceman who is present retired of the hospital. The serviceman was injured successful an speech of gunfire with the suspect, who was detained and hospitalized successful captious condition, constabulary said.

Boise Towne Square is the city's largest buying mall. Many radical tried to tally for the exits erstwhile they realized what they heard was bullets being fired.

After the shooting, respective witnesses stood successful the rainfall extracurricular the entranceway to Macy’s — 1 of 5 ample section stores astatine the promenade — waiting to beryllium interviewed by constabulary oregon to beryllium told they could leave.

About a 4th of a mile away, officers closed portion of a roadworthy adjacent a engaged intersection truthful they could analyse a 2nd transgression country related to the shooting incident. Officers astatine the 2nd transgression country declined to reply questions.

Boise Mayor Lauren McLean asked radical and the quality media to springiness the victims and their families privateness arsenic they woody with the trauma of the shooting.

"Countless radical recovered themselves successful a concern they ne'er would person oregon should person expected," McLean said, praising shopkeepers and others for reacting "so rapidly to instrumentality attraction of folks that were there. You showed successful a pugnacious and chaotic infinitesimal however overmuch you attraction and what you’re consenting to bash to enactment and attraction for strangers."

Additional reporting by The Associated Press.