Police Officers, Members of the Public Attend Procession for OPP Cop Shot Dead

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Hundreds of archetypal responders and members of the nationalist turned retired for a procession to wage tribute to a slain Ontario Provincial Police officer connected Friday, arsenic calls grew for the national authorities to betterment its bail policy.

The procession carrying 28-year-old Const. Greg Pierzchala’s assemblage started astatine the coroner’s bureau successful Toronto and ended successful his hometown of Barrie, Ont. astir an hr later.

Police officers and different archetypal responders lined up extracurricular the coroner’s bureau to salute Pierzchala arsenic the procession started.

Hundreds of people—some civilians, immoderate successful uniform—packed onto overpasses on the Highway 400, raising their hands arsenic a motion of respect, arsenic the hearse and police cars with flashing lights passed by.

Dozens of officers, including Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner Thomas Carrique, were astatine the ceremonial location successful Barrie erstwhile the procession arrived and a fig of officers carried Pierzchala’s coffin wrong arsenic their colleagues saluted him.

Police person said Pierzchala was changeable dormant successful an “ambush” onslaught earlier this week aft helium responded to a telephone for a conveyance successful a ditch westbound of Hagersville, Ont.

Pierzchala had been with the OPP for conscionable implicit a twelvemonth and helium had been notified that helium had passed his 10-month probation play hours earlier his death. He was antecedently a peculiar constable astatine Queen’s Park who, arsenic a boy, dreamt of joining the police ranks.

Carrique has said Pierzchala gained his colleagues’ respect during his abbreviated clip connected the force.

“They knew they could trust upon him successful the astir unsafe and stressful of situations,” helium said astatine a quality league this week.

Insp. Phil Carter, the OPP’s detachment commandant for Haldimand County, has called Pierzchala’s decease a “crushing loss.”

“It has been unimaginable and heartbreaking nonaccomplishment for our officers that worked alongside provincial Const. Greg Pierzchala. He was a son, a member and a friend,” helium said astatine a quality conference.

“He is nary longer with america and that hurts.”

Pierzchala’s ceremonial volition beryllium held successful Barrie connected Jan. 4. The OPP are to denote much details successful the coming days.

Randall McKenzie, 25, and Brandi Crystal Lyn Stewart-Sperry, 30, each look a complaint of first-degree execution successful his death.

Court documents amusement McKenzie had been initially denied bail, and was aboriginal granted it upon review, months earlier Tuesday’s shooting successful a abstracted lawsuit involving a fig of battle and weapons-related charges.

A warrant was issued for his apprehension aft helium failed to amusement up for a tribunal day successful August, the documents show.

Calls person emerged successful caller days for the national authorities to betterment bail argumentation successful Canada.

On Friday, Conservative Party of Canada person Pierre Poilievre urged the Trudeau authorities to “reverse its drawback and merchandise bail policy”—referring to Bill C-75, a instrumentality passed by the Liberals successful 2019 to update bail provisions successful the Criminal Code by instructing police and judges to usage a “principle of restraint” for bail.

The instrumentality gave courts and police much powers to enactment restrictions connected radical accused of crimes, truthful agelong arsenic they promised to look successful court.

“What we request to bash alternatively is support the tiny fig of repetition habitual convulsive offenders down bars and erstwhile they are recently arrested, contradict them bail until specified clip arsenic their trials are completed,” Poilievre said.

Speaking to reporters Wednesday, the OPP commissioner said helium was “outraged” that McKenzie had been retired connected bail.

“I cognize there’s a batch of involvement to spot that changes are made to ensure, wherever possible, radical who are charged with convulsive offences that are firearms related are not successful those positions moving forward,” Carrique said during a quality conference.

On Thursday, Ontario Premier Doug Ford said successful a connection that a “failed bail system” had led to guiltless radical losing their lives “at the hands of unsafe criminals who should person been down bars—not connected our streets.”

“Enough is enough. More indispensable beryllium done to hole a strategy that is acold excessively often sacrificing the information of our nationalist and police officers alternatively of cracking down connected the perpetrators who repeatedly perpetrate these heinous crimes.”

In portion meant to trim the overrepresentation of Indigenous Peoples successful Canadian jails, Bill C-75 requires courts to see the circumstances of accused individuals from susceptible populations erstwhile deciding whether bail should beryllium granted.

Court documents bash not bespeak wherefore McKenzie was granted bail, but accidental that helium is from the Onondaga First Nations of the Six Nations of the Grand River Territory and has experienced the antagonistic impacts of colonialism.

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