Police Say One Suspect Killed All Victims in Saskatchewan Stabbing Tragedy, Including Brother

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SASKATOON—Police present judge 1 of the 2 suspects successful the wide stabbings connected the James Smith Cree Nation successful Saskatchewan killed each the victims, arsenic good arsenic the different suspect, who was his brother.

In the aboriginal greeting hours of Sept. 4, 9 radical were stabbed to decease connected the James Smith Cree Nation, and different successful the adjacent colony of Weldon. Soon after, the RCMP launched a hunt effort for suspects Damien Sanderson and Myles Sanderson. On Sept. 5, constabulary announced Damien’s assemblage had been recovered connected the James Smith Cree Nation. Myles was arrested connected Sept. 7, but the RCMP says helium went into aesculapian distress and died successful infirmary soon after.

At a quality league connected Oct. 6 successful Regina, RCMP Assistant Commissioner Rhonda Blackmore said the grounds shows that Damien was killed by his member Myles.

“After completing 250 interviews, processing  implicit 670 exhibits, and reviewing and pursuing up connected implicit 100 911 calls, investigators person determined that Damien Sanderson was a unfortunate of homicide by Myles Sanderson. Myles Sanderson committed each of the homicides alone,” she said. “This brings the full fig of radical killed by Myles Sanderson … to 11.”

However, Blackmore said determination is grounds that Damien was progressive successful astatine slightest immoderate of the readying that preceded the stabbing rampage by Myles.

“We are inactive investigating the grade of Damien’s involvement,” she said.

Blackmore would not accidental if Damien was killed earlier the different attacks, but said: “It seems determination whitethorn person been thing that changed arsenic those incidents unfolded.”

The RCMP besides filled successful much details astir what happened earlier the rampage. Blackmore said the RCMP got a telephone successful the aboriginal greeting of Sept. 4 telling the constabulary unit that Damien had stolen a vehicle.

Epoch Times Photo Brian Burns, begetter of James Smith Cree Nation stabbing unfortunate Gregory, and hubby to unfortunate Bonnie, sits down pictures of the victims during a quality league successful Saskatoon connected Sept. 7, 2022. (Cole Burston/AFP via Getty Images)

She said 2 officers responded, and yet recovered the stolen conveyance extracurricular a home. She said the officers went inside, and asked if 1 of the men was Damien Sanderson but were told no. She said they aboriginal recovered retired 1 of the men was Damien, but helium had fixed a mendacious name, adding that the officers didn’t person capable grounds astatine that constituent to inquire for ID, and the photograph of Damien successful the RCMP database was from 2014.

She said the probe besides recovered Damien and Myles were selling drugs successful the community.

“Myles and Damien Sanderson were actively selling drugs successful the assemblage connected Sept. 4,” she said. “Both Myles and Damien were progressive successful astatine slightest 3 convulsive altercations involving different individuals successful the James Smith Cree Nation.”

However, she said nary of the unit was reported to constabulary and that “the Saskatchewan RCMP had nary accusation oregon denotation that would suggest immoderate unit was to occur.”

She added that a batch of investigative enactment remains to beryllium done, including determining the motive for the brutal attacks.

“Unfortunately we whitethorn ne'er person each of those answers,” she said.

Epoch Times Photo Darryl Burns, member of unfortunate Gloria Burns, speaks during a Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations lawsuit wherever leaders provided statements astir the wide stabbing incidental that happened astatine James Smith Cree Nation and Weldon, Sask., astatine James Smith Cree Nation, Sask., connected Sept. 8, 2022. (The Canadian Press/Heywood Yu)

The RCMP quality league comes connected the aforesaid time that the Parole Board of Canada and the Correctional Service of Canada announced an probe into the merchandise of Myles Sanderson.

In a quality merchandise posted to the CSC and PBC websites, the agencies say: “To afloat recognize the circumstances surrounding this tragedy, Anne Kelly, Commissioner of SCS, and Jennifer Oades, Chairperson of PBC, person convened a associated National Board of Investigation into the statutory release, assemblage supervision, and PBC decisions successful the lawsuit of Myles Sanderson.”

In the days pursuing the tragedy, the Parole Board of Canada released documents showing Myles Sanderson had 59 transgression convictions arsenic an big earlier his latest release, galore of them for violence.

By May of this year, helium was listed arsenic unlawfully astatine large.

The probe tin marque recommendations oregon corrective measures.

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