Police taking photos and fingerprints of lone children arriving in UK

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Thousands of unaccompanied children, including 1 aged 2 years old, person been subjected to constabulary fingerprinting and photographing soon aft arriving successful the UK arsenic portion of a little-known migration enforcement operation.

Operation Innerste is simply a multi-agency inaugural that was rolled retired successful 2018 and is designed to support children recently arrived successful the UK from falling into the hands of traffickers.

However, kid extortion advocates accidental the Children Act already provides the powers to protectunaccompanied kid asylum seekers and expressed interest astir the aboriginal engagement of constabulary alternatively than societal workers.

Freedom of accusation information obtained by the Guardian reveals that from 2018 until 30 June 2022, 2,177 children aged betwixt 2 and 18 were “safeguarded” by the operation. In the archetypal six months of 2022, 1 unaccompanied two-year-old was documented by Operation Innerste. Home Office sources declined to supply accusation astir this case.

It is thought galore of the children arrived successful the UK successful the backs of lorries.

In 1 lawsuit successful June 2022, a 16-year-old Eritrean lad arrived successful London from Calais successful the backmost of a lorry. He sought assistance from a younker nine for young asylum seekers and refugees called Da’aro. Benny Hunter, a younker idiosyncratic and migrant rights campaigner, contacted Lambeth council’s societal services and asked it to instrumentality the exhausted and traumatised lad into care. However, assembly officials refused and insisted helium was archetypal taken to the constabulary presumption for Operation Innerste checks.

In a Twitter thread astir the incident, Hunter raised concerns astir the displacement from archetypal responders being children’s societal workers to being constabulary and migration enforcement.

“This was a earnestly susceptible kid whose payment needs are being enactment 2nd to the needs of the authorities to constabulary and enforce migration rules. Children are being policed earlier they tin entree kid protection,” helium said.

In a connection astir the incident, a Lambeth assembly spokesperson emphasised the request to support susceptible children specified arsenic the Eritrean lad and said helium was yet placed successful foster attraction and was doing well.

The spokesperson added: “However, concerns person been raised regarding this lawsuit and we volition present behaviour a reappraisal to spot if improvements tin beryllium made successful our operations.”

The Operation Innerste guidance states that the purpose of the cognition is to physique an aboriginal rapport with the kid and to “lock in” their individuality and that the archetypal responder, “usually the police”, volition behaviour a payment cognition and instrumentality photos and fingerprints. “There is nary request to get consent from the child,” the guidance says.

The main enforcement of the anti-trafficking organisation Every Child Protected Against Trafficking (ECPAT UK), Patricia Durr, said: “ECPAT UK remains acrophobic astatine the numbers of and the disproportionately precocious complaint that kid victims of trafficking and unaccompanied children spell missing. Requiring that unaccompanied children archetypal spell to the section constabulary is not a safeguarding response, it is not successful their champion interests and is successful contravention of statutory obligations and argumentation guidance.

“Our knowing is that this was ne'er the intended effect of Operation Innerste and ECPAT UK remains vigilant to the imaginable breaches to children’s rights and safeguarding that this cognition presents.”

Philip Ishola, the main enforcement of the organisation Love146 that provides enactment for kid trafficking survivors and campaigns to extremity kid trafficking and exploitation, said: “With Operation Innerste determination is nary mechanics for an contiguous multi-agency effect successful existent time. I judge this is much suited for information postulation for the purposes of migration and asylum. It pre-empts and corrupts the existing accelerated kid societal services multi-agency safeguarding and extortion of children mechanism.

“The transportation of ongoing attraction and extortion of children sits firmly with societal services, with constabulary and migration enforcement supporting, not taking it upon themselves to pb these processes.”

A Home Office spokesperson said: “We marque nary apologies for safeguarding unaccompanied kid asylum seekers, and it is wholly inappropriate to suggest that constabulary should not beryllium portion of this process. The constabulary behaviour captious safeguarding checks for unaccompanied kid migrants who get into the UK. Information is shared with the Home Office and section authorities to enactment these children’s welfare.”