Police worker accused of sharing photo of dead teenager on WhatsApp

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Police person been deed by a caller WhatsApp controversy, with a power country idiosyncratic accused of sharing a representation from the country wherever a teen died aft being struck by a train.

The accused idiosyncratic was employed by British Transport Police (BTP) astatine the time.

The photograph was taken by constabulary investigating the decease of Lewis Williams, 18, aft helium was deed by a bid successful Slough successful June 2022. It is claimed it was aboriginal shared via societal media.

Williams’ father, Paul, told the Guardian that quality of a “gruesome” representation of his son’s decease being shared had near him “sickened” and had exacerbated his grief.

He said his lad was smart, had large imaginable and “a truly large heart”. Williams wanted to beryllium successful the Royal Air Force, had antecedently done a speechmaking earlier the royal household and was keen connected history.

BTP said the representation of Williams had been shared from the force’s power room.

A erstwhile BTP employee, Joshua Tilt, 31, appeared connected Friday astatine Birmingham magistrates court, charged with misconduct successful nationalist office.

The tribunal heard helium was accused of taking a photograph connected his idiosyncratic mobile telephone of a deceased subordinate of the nationalist and distributing it to others, betwixt 20 June and 1 July this year.

The territory justice David Wain granted Tilt bail until 4 November, erstwhile helium volition look astatine Birmingham crown court.Paul Williams told the Guardian his lad died nether a bid successful Slough connected 21 June.

Days aboriginal constabulary came to sojourn the family: “We were arsenic a household trying to travel to presumption with the decease of our son, and initially we had immoderate comfortableness that helium was astatine peace, but connected 2 July each of that changed erstwhile the Chief Superintendent of British Transport Police told america a photograph of his dismembered assemblage [was] shared… successful a WhatsApp chat group.

“I instantly felt sick. This was the archetypal clip that we were fixed the horrific item astir the authorities of Lewis’s body. It is incomprehensible to america that idiosyncratic would stock specified a picture, oregon however they were capable to. When I deliberation of Lewis now, each I tin deliberation of is that gruesome photograph that has been shared, and we volition person to unrecorded with this representation for the remainder of our lives.”

In a statement, BTP, which operates connected Britain’s transport network, said Tilt was “charged with misconduct successful a nationalist office, pursuing an probe by BTP’s nonrecreational standards department. The charges are successful transportation to an incidental involving the sharing of an representation from the force’s power room. As is routine, the unit referred itself to the IOPC [Independent Office for Police Conduct] who deemed the substance suitable for section investigation.”

Williams said that successful March 2022 his lad was diagnosed with an emotionally unstable property disorder: “Lewis was popular, comic and kind. He had a truly large bosom and would ever enactment different people’s problems up of his own. He touched truthful galore people’s lives.

“He was besides incredibly smart, and his cognition of past and the satellite was 2nd to none. His teachers would ever accidental however overmuch imaginable helium had. He would walk hours speechmaking and researching immoderate topic.

“He was chosen to bash a speechmaking astatine the RAF 100 astatine Windsor Cathedral successful beforehand of members of the royal family. Lewis had dreams of joining the RAF 1 day.”

Williams said his lad had joined the aerial cadets erstwhile helium was 12 and had risen to the fertile of formation sergeant: “He was precise empathetic and large astatine speechmaking different people’s feelings. His schoolhouse friends, assemblage friends and those from the squadron did tributes for him aft his death. At the squadron they person his hoody with the squadron fig and a plaque placed connected the partition successful his memory.”