Polls Close for Alberta Election, Ballot Count Begins

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This is simply a processing communicative that volition beryllium updated passim the evening.

Polls opened Monday successful Alberta astatine 9 a.m. section clip and closed astatine 8 p.m. successful what governmental analysts called 1 of the closest elections successful the province’s history.

All that remains present is for the ballots to beryllium counted. There are 87 seats up for grabs successful the Legislature. In this election, 49 UCP candidates and 19 NDP candidates are looking to beryllium reelected successful their respective ridings.

Albertans volition soon find retired if voters made what would beryllium a historical determination and returned New Democrat Party (NDP) Leader Rachel Notley for a 2nd word aft her decision by the United Conservative Party (UCP) successful 2019, oregon returned UCP Leader Danielle Smith to the premier’s seat aft a little seven-month stint.

According to Elections Alberta, unofficial results volition beryllium released the evening of the election, May 29, reported arsenic they are received from voting locations pursuing the adjacent of voting. All ballot counts volition past beryllium verified during the authoritative number process, with the Announcement of Official Results being made connected June 8.

The state has 2,840,813 registered voters, ran 255 beforehand polls, allowed 174 peculiar ballots and 255 mobile votes, and has a full of 1,219 locations reporting, for a expansive full of 1,903.

A full of 15 parties were eligible to tally successful the election; however, lone the UCP and NDP enactment guardant candidates successful each ridings, making it a certainty that either Notley oregon Smith volition beryllium elected arsenic premier for the upcoming term.

Both leaders had last messages and urged supporters to get retired and vote.

“Friends, we won Calgary-Glenmore by six votes successful 2015. If you haven’t voted yet, get to the polls. This predetermination is truthful close, and each azygous ballot matters,” Notley said connected May 29, conscionable a mates of hours earlier the polls closed.

Smith thanked Indigenous Chief Bill Morin of the Enoch Creen Nation, who said connected predetermination time that portion “not perfect,” the UCP “has accomplished unprecedented things with Indigenous Nations successful Ab.” Morin said Smith has “made her people by committing to physique [addiction] Recovery Centres connected AB First Nations.”

“If you emotion this state and everything it stands for, past ballot to guarantee we support moving forward!” said Smith.