Pop Culture Halloween Costume Ideas For 2022: From Barbie To Euphoria To Eddie Munson

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Sydney Sweeney, Joseph Quinn

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Image Credit: Eddy Chen/HBO/Netflix

If you’re looking for Halloween costume inspiration, look nary further than the biggest popular civilization moments of 2022 – due to the fact that determination were SO MANY! In a twelvemonth that gave america everything from a caller play of Stranger Things to the rebirth of Hocus Pocus, nary substance what’s your pleasure, there’s thing iconic for you to formal up arsenic this Halloween.

And let’s beryllium clear: you don’t adjacent person to interruption the slope to look similar immoderate of these astir talked astir popular civilization icons of the year. Honestly, a batch of these looks you tin astir apt physique yourself with what’s successful your ain closet.. and we’ve got immoderate tips to bash conscionable that! So if you’re feeling similar a Top Gun oregon Barbie Girl, if you’re funny successful playing Squid Games oregon looking the happiest you’ve ever been successful your life, cheque retired thee costume ideas for 2022.



Life successful integrative — it’s fantastic! With Margot Robbie stepping into the iconic pinkish pumps of children’s favourite doll adjacent twelvemonth for the live-action movie, Barbie is having different infinitesimal and Halloween is the cleanable clip to wage homage. The bully happening astir Barbie is … she’s done it all! So, arsenic agelong arsenic you person a blonde wig and immoderate neon pinkish accessories, you tin beryllium immoderate benignant of Barbie you privation to be: Doctor Barbie, Rollerblading Barbie, Supreme Court Justice Barbie; person amusive with it!

Eddie Munson From ‘Stranger Things’


Chrissy, this one’s for you! The awaited instrumentality of Stranger Things this summertime meant the instauration of everyone’s caller favourite character. Eddie Munson, played by hunky Joseph Quinn, instantly became beloved by, good everyone! And portion it mightiness beryllium a agelong changeable (but not impossible!) for Eddie to instrumentality for Stranger Things 5, we person a hunch that rather a fewer fans volition beryllium dressing up similar him for Halloween this year. And wherefore not? All you request is simply a Hellfire shirt, immoderate sick, ripped denim accessories, and electrical guitar and you’re bully to go!

Squid Game Players

Noh Juhan | Netflix

There’s nary denying that Squid Game costumes volition beryllium a deed this Halloween – due to the fact that they were a immense deed past twelvemonth too! And with the second play of Squid Game connected the horizon, the fandom for the chaotic Netflix amusement is bigger than ever. So, whether you’re readying a radical costume oregon lasting solo arsenic the past 1 successful the stadium, dressing up arsenic a Squid Game subordinate volition beryllium easy recognizable. The champion past? The costume is truthful simple, you tin DIY yourself – cheque retired our step-by-step usher HERE.

Anna Delvey successful ‘Inventing Anna’

Nicole Rivelli/Netflix

It’s each astir keeping up with appearances if you privation to play Anna Delvey of Netflix based-on-a-true-story bid Inventing Anna. The real-life scammer kept a azygous of high-fashion duds during her scheming days. But she had to commercialized the decorator looks for an orangish jumpsuit erstwhile she was caught scamming radical for tens of thousands of dollars. Whether you play Anna astatine her highs oregon lows, a brace of chunky achromatic glasses, a heavy accent, and a snarky cognition volition person you successful character.

‘Euphoria’ Characters

Eddy Chen/HBO

Let’s flip done the Euphoria yearbook to get immoderate costume ideas. Too chill for school? You tin beryllium a full baddie if you gaffe into 1 of Maddy’s sexy cut-out looks, made celebrated by Alexa Demie. Cassie (played by Sydney Sweeney) whitethorn not beryllium auditioning for Oklahoma, but you’ll wholly acceptable the portion successful her not-so-innocent bluish Western wardrobe. Want much edge? There’s ever a look inspired by Barbie Ferrera’s Kat. Whoever you chose, marque definite to dial your constitution looks up to 11 for immoderate Euphoria ‘fits. We curse there’s capable glitter astir for each of us.

‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Characters

Scott Garfield / Paramount Pictures / Everett Collection

With some the 80s original and the 2022 reboot trending, immoderate Top Gun costume is definite to beryllium a full crowd-pleaser. Luckily, it’s a beauteous elemental look to nail. Jump into enactment wearing an olive greenish formation suit with a helmet. You’ll decidedly request a brace of chill aviator shades, too. And to springiness your costume the other oomph, a retro mustache, similar Miles Teller’s Top Gun: Maverick quality Lt. Bradshaw, couldn’t hurt.

Mabel from ‘Only Murders successful the Building’

Craig Blankenhorn/Hulu

Yeah, Selena Gomez was snubbed by the Emmys this year. So what? Her character, Mabel, was inactive ace iconic and pulled disconnected truthful galore unthinkable looks successful play 2 of Only Murders successful the Building. Still, if you’re looking to beryllium instantly recognizable arsenic Selener’s fast-talking, NYC detective, the retired she wore successful the precise archetypal occurrence of the bid is the mode to go. No 1 forgets a gal dressed from the waist up successful slayer yellowish attire. And accessorizing with reddish Beats? Incredible! If you request assistance putting this look together, we person a step-by-step usher to DIY HERE!


Warner Bros./Everett Collection

Get those hips moving, due to the fact that Elvis Presley is shaking up this Halloween season. The rock-and-roller’s sanction has been connected the extremity of everyone’s tongues since the Baz Lurhmann biopic Elvis came retired successful June of 2022. Austin Butler looked similar a full hunk with his dark, slicked-back hairsbreadth and stylish jackets, making “The King” a slayer costume for the guys. And if you’re feeling a small much “ha ha” than hunky, different much meme-worthy enactment mightiness beryllium Elvis’ sweaty Vegas-era benignant from the 70s. Love the ideas? Thank you precise much.

Dani from ‘Hocus Pocus’

Buena Vista/Everett Collection

Get acceptable for a retro recommendation. With Hocus Pocus 2 out, we’re each reasoning astir the original. Who didn’t privation to formal up similar a witchy Dani (played by a young Thora Birch in the 1993 Disney flick.) A cute hat, achromatic dress, and sun-covered shawl and abracadabra! You’re acceptable to go. Want the look for the cleanable Dani Costume