Porsha Williams’ Family Reacts To Her Shocking Engagement In ‘RHOA’ Spinoff’s 1st Trailer – Watch

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October 25, 2021 7:00PM EDT

Porsha Williams’ household questions her engagement to Simon Guobadia successful the archetypal tension-filled trailer for ‘Porsha’s Family Matters.’

Porsha Williams family has a batch to accidental astir her whirlwind engagement to fiancé Simon Guobadia successful the archetypal trailer for Porsha’s Family Matters, the caller Real Housewives of Atlanta spinoff series. Set to premiere connected Bravo connected Sunday, Nov. 28, the constricted bid volition travel the extended Williams household arsenic they enactment done their familial play astatine a wellness edifice successful Mexico. What’s a household wellness getaway without tension? In a trailer released connected Monday, Oct. 25, Porsha’s household dependable their concerns astir her impending nuptials.

Porsha informs her relatives that she volition beryllium Simon’s 4th wife, overmuch to their dismay. “I person azygous handedly pulled my household and friends into my idiosyncratic shit,” she said successful a voiceover. Later, a comparative grills her astir his erstwhile failed marriages, asking, “I privation to cognize wherefore Simon’s 3 erstwhile marriages did not work.” Another 1 of Porsha’s relatives said she recovered retired astir Simon connected TV, portion different asked, “How you engaged to a joined man?,” a notation to Simon’s ex and Porsha’s RHOA co-star Falynn Pina. (The two announced their split successful April.)

In a confessional, Porsha lamented that the “optics don’t look large due to the fact that radical don’t person each the facts.” Tears are shed, bottles are thrown, and things get peculiarly chaotic, arsenic they bash during household reunions. Porsha’s ex Dennis McKinley, whom she shares daughter Pilar Jhena, 2, with, volition besides look successful the series, declaring successful the melodramatic trailer that “things are ne'er truly implicit with the babe mother.” Watch the trailer successful its entirety above.

Porsha and Simon got engaged successful May aft astir a period of dating. Porsha announced the quality connected Instagram, writing, “I cognize it’s accelerated but we are surviving each time to its fullest. I take happiness each greeting and each night. Tuning retired each antagonistic vigor and lone focused connected affirmative wishes. He makes maine truthful blessed and to me, that is what matters most.” She acknowledged the “optics” of the engagement, too, adding, “Simon filed for divorcement from a erstwhile matrimony successful January. I had thing to bash with their divorcement filing. That’s betwixt the 2 of them.”

She concluded, “It’s genuinely a beauteous infinitesimal successful my beingness & we cannot hold to walk the remainder of our lives together.”