Post Malone & The Weeknd Croon About An Ex Who Wants To Get Back Together On ‘One Right Now’

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What happens erstwhile you get 2 of the biggest stars successful euphony connected a azygous track? You get ‘One Right Now,’ the caller collab from Post Malone and The Weeknd!

The Weeknd has been gearing up for the “dawn” of his caller era, but is the euphony satellite acceptable for the adjacent signifier of Post Malone? Post, 26, seemingly unleashed the adjacent azygous from his highly-anticipated follow-up to Hollywood’s Bleeding on Friday (Nov. 5), an epic collab with The Weeknd, 31, called “One Right Now.” In the ’80s synth inspired tune, the 2 croon astir about an ex who wants to get backmost unneurotic — contempt the guys having moved connected (with different miss — i.e. “one” — connected the mode implicit “right now”).

“You said you loved maine but I don’t care…You deliberation it’s truthful casual f—— with my feelings,” The Weekend, née Abel Tesfaye, sings successful the opening verse, going connected to pass his ex of his existent plans with immoderate enactment from Post. “I got 1 comin’ implicit and 1 close present (Oh), 1 close now/(One close now, 1 close now, oh-oh-oh)/I got 1 comin’ implicit and 1 close now.”

Post Malone, née Austin Richard Post, had immoderate akin acold feelings astir his past girl. “You said you privation to person my babies…Don’t telephone maine babe erstwhile you did maine truthful wrong…But I got implicit what you did already,” helium added successful the 2nd verse. It’s unclear if the opus is inspired by immoderate of their existent past relationships.

Fans archetypal got a sensation of “One Right Now” connected Tuesday (Nov. 2) erstwhile Post and The Weeknd shared teasers of the caller opus to their societal media accounts. The seven-second clip was titled “PM&TWN-ORN-Update.5.nonhyped.w1.mp3.” Post’s manager, Dre London, besides shared the clip to his ain account and revealed that “ORN” stood for “One Right Now,” portion besides suggesting that the way would get sooner than later. “What I couldn’t hold to archer the [world emoji] This Friday!! I’m excited for u to yet present what I been talking about!! @postmalone & @theweeknd ‘One Right Now’ #DreVision successful afloat effect!! #Shutdown Ting!!! Crazy Movie Video comes adjacent week!!!” wrote Dre.

“One Right Now” marks Post’s 2nd azygous of 2021. He antecedently released “Motley Crew” successful July, on with a NASCAR-inspired video that saw cameos from racers Denny Hamlin and Bubba Wallace. The video besides featured appearances by Tommy Lee (whose band, Mötley Crüe, is the inspiration for the track’s title), Saint Jhn, Tyla Yaweh (who released a opus “Tommy Lee” that featured Post), Ty Dolla Sign, Big Sean, and French Montana. Musically, it saw Post instrumentality to a much hip-hop dependable aft uncovering occurrence with his rock/alt-rock-inspired tracks “Take What You Want” and “Circles.” Commercially, “Motley Crew” was a humble hit, spending 9 weeks connected the Billboard Hot 100 and peaking astatine No. 13.

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It’s been implicit 2 years since Post Malone released Hollywood’s Bleeding, his astir palmy medium to date. Post was finishing up the 2nd limb of his Runaway Tour erstwhile the COVID-19 pandemic forced him to cancel the past fistful of dates. Afterward, helium has kept a comparatively debased profile. In April 2020, Post performed an at-home Nirvana tribute performance wherever he raised funds for the United Nations Foundation’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. He shaved his head, sparked romance rumors, covered Hootie and the Blowfish for a Pokémon anniversary album, and performed “Hollywood’s Bleeding” astatine the 63rd Grammy Awards. Other than that, Post has kept to himself. Apparently, helium was prepping his caller album.

Hollywood’s Bleeding debuted astatine No. 1 connected the Billboard 200. In 3 months, it sold much than 357,000 equivalent units, making it the ninth best-selling medium of 2019, per Forbes (and was the sixth best-selling medium of 2020, according to Billboard.) Similarly, The Weeknd has been prepping Dawn, his follow-up to After Hours.