Potential Case Of Monkeypox Being Investigated In New York City

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By Newsy Staff
May 20, 2022

The microorganism causes flu-like symptoms and has been identified successful the U.S., France, Italy, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Canada and the U.K.

A 2nd imaginable lawsuit of monkeypox successful the U.S. is being investigated successful New York City.

The New York Health Department says it "will behaviour preliminary tests, which — if affirmative — volition beryllium sent to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for confirmatory testing."

The archetypal confirmed lawsuit was reported Tuesday successful Massachusetts. Doctors determination accidental the diligent had precocious traveled backmost to the U.S. from Canada.

That diligent is presently successful unchangeable information astatine a Massachusetts infirmary and has been admitted to a peculiar pathogens program.

Cases of monkeypox person besides been reported successful France, Italy, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Canada and the United Kingdom.

The CDC is monitoring six radical who whitethorn person been exposed to the microorganism erstwhile they sat adjacent an infected traveler who had symptoms connected a formation from Nigeria to the U.K. earlier this month. None of those six radical person shown immoderate symptoms.

Additional reporting by The Associated Press.