Prayer and Pushback event gives a taste of the fearmongering to come when federal parliament resumes | Paul Karp

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Scott Morrison has truthful small emotion for the scrutiny of parliament that his government scheduled arsenic fewer arsenic 10 sitting days earlier the May election.

Anyone watching the Prayer and Pushback web league connected Friday, a quality parade of anti-lockdown, anti-vaccination mandate MPs and senators drawn from the crossbench and Coalition backbench, could spot why.

In summation to Labor questions connected escaped accelerated antigen tests successful question time, Friday’s lawsuit confirmed Morrison tin look guardant to a bin occurrence of pandemic argumentation dissent erstwhile parliament resumes successful February.

The One Nation leader, Pauline Hanson, and legislator Malcolm Roberts some said they would garbage to ballot for Coalition bills until the national authorities intervenes to rotation backmost state-based vaccination mandates and borderline restrictions.

In November, One Nation’s anti-mandate measure attracted 5 Coalition senators to transverse the floor. On Friday, Hanson said Liberals Alex Antic and Gerard Rennick intended to proceed their basal not to enactment authorities bills, which Rennick confirmed to Guardian Australia.

Minor parties utilized the lawsuit arsenic a curtain-raiser for caller demands starring into the election, successful a bid to triumph enactment from voters who feel, contempt the surge successful Omicron cases, hospitalisations and deaths, that governments person overreacted.

Hanson wants a royal committee into the Covid effect (so acold truthful good, much scrutiny couldn’t wounded fixed the stonewalling of the Senate Covid committee) … because, she says, Australians person been “lied to” astir the fig of Covid deaths. Oh dear.

The United Australia enactment leader, erstwhile Liberal MP Craig Kelly, was serving Drain the Swamp vibes with his committedness to “clean out” authorities bureaucracies wrong 24 hours of election.

Then helium demanded a measure of rights to halt “tinpot dictators, the premiers, egged connected by the PM” from ever taking distant state again.

The Nationals MP George Christensen, who earned a uncommon rebuke from Morrison this week for his advocacy against giving children Covid-19 vaccines, promised helium would proceed to “prod the powerful” aft helium leaves parliament astatine the adjacent election.

“I’m not leaving authorities … we’re each progressive successful authorities arsenic citizens. I’m going to beryllium successful the fray. I was a writer earlier I was successful authorities … I’ll astir apt measurement backmost into that successful the future, successful immoderate way, signifier oregon form.”

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The fearmongering and exaggerations astir life-saving vaccines piled up.

Christensen cited “anecdotal but not verified” reports of adverse events successful children successful Australia earlier arguing that “one death” from vaccines is excessively galore due to the fact that “healthy children don’t dice of Covid-19”, it’s much similar a lawsuit of the “sniffles”.

Roberts said radical were being injected with vaccines that “can termination them and [are] sidesplitting them”. This is contempt just 11 deaths linked to Covid-19 vaccines successful Australia aft 46.1m doses which, on with lockdowns, person fixed america 1 of the lowest decease rates from Covid successful the world.

The Nationals legislator Matt Canavan was a comparative dependable of reason, noting helium had received the vaccine and it had helped trim hospitalisations and deaths. He took purpose astatine Labor for labelling him an anti-vaxxer “for the transgression of lasting up for others’ rights to work”.

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Antic was connected manus to pass Australia was “drifting into brushed totalitarianism”, reiterating his content helium needed to gully a “line successful the sand” by crossing the level connected vaccine mandates.

Antic accused the “mainstream media” of not telling the information astir the Covid pandemic, arguing it was important to make caller platforms to pass with supporters.

Pat Mesiti, the erstwhile Hillsong preacher who organised the event, noted it was expected to beryllium going unrecorded connected YouTube, Facebook and Instagram Live. Instagram Live wouldn’t commencement the broadcast and Facebook unopen it down mid-stream.

Christensen said this reinforced the request for supporters to travel him connected Gab, Parler and Telegram, and for parliament to enactment his backstage member’s measure against de-platforming.

Kelly had travel caller from the parliamentary enquiry into societal media which he has utilized to instrumentality Google and Facebook to task implicit the removal of his party’s videos from YouTube and his prohibition from Facebook for pushing unproven treatments for Covid-19.

For 1 conception of voters, the predetermination promises to beryllium a contention of narrowcast views astir their top fears of pandemic authorities and continued nonaccomplishment of freedom.

But erstwhile parliament resumes, the Star Wars Cantina barroom of characters volition stock a signifier with Morrison, and he’ll person to reply for their views and the long stretches of inaction against them.