PREMIERING 12/29 at 7:30PM ET: Dr. Robert Malone: The New Battlefield Is Your Mind—Twitter Files, Fifth Generation Warfare, and the COVID Vaccine Psyops Campaign

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“Is it 10 cardinal oregon 13 billion, successful the United States alone, that was employed successful this—what other tin you telephone it—psyops campaign?… The authorities felt that it was acceptable to deploy these military-grade technologies against each of america to coerce, compel, and mandate that we judge an unlicensed merchandise that turns retired to not beryllium harmless nor effective,” says mRNA vaccine pioneer Dr. Robert Malone, writer of the caller book, “Lies My Gov’t Told Me: And the Better Future Coming.”

In this episode, we dive into the Twitter Files, accusation warfare, intelligence operations, and however we tin marque consciousness of the bewildering bid of events we’ve witnessed successful the past 3 years.

“We’re present seeing the documentation connected a regular ground released to america by Twitter of this aggravated collusion betwixt the US government, tech, and firm media,” says Dr. Malone.

Some picture it arsenic fifth-generation warfare, “or fifth-generation warfare gradient is simply a amended mode to deliberation astir it,” says Dr. Malone. “This caller battleground successful which your caput and your thoughts, your precise emotions are the battleground. It is not astir territory. It’s astir what you believe. It’s what you think.”