Pretty Awkward Invite You To ‘Hang Out’ With Two New Versions Of Their Alt-Pop Bop

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Exclusive Premiere

October 27, 2021 9:30AM EDT

After archetypal asking if you wanted to ‘paint the full municipality red’ with their caller single, Pretty Awkward asks if you privation to ‘hang out’ again with a unrecorded and stripped-down mentation of their caller single!

The archetypal clip that Pretty Awkward deed you up to spot if you wanted to “HANG OUT,” it was a joyous pop-powered blend of indie and rock, an detonation of happiness wrapped successful the euphoria of being young. But, what happens erstwhile you determine – screw it, we’ll bash it live! Or — what happens erstwhile you take to unplug and portion the opus down to its core? What you get are 2 versions that connection a clever rotation connected an infectious portion of popular wonder. The set – Austin Held, Nicholas Wiggins, Jake Jones, and Damien Ward – alteration their opus with the “Live astatine Earwig Studios” and “Stripped Down” versions, some premiering present connected HollywoodLife.

“‘HANG OUT’ is easy 1 of the astir amusive songs to play,” Austin tells HollywoodLife. “We’re ever stoked to spot however audiences respond to this opus successful a unrecorded setting. After having not been capable to play shows oregon circuit overmuch this past twelvemonth and a fractional owed to the pandemic, it feels similar the opus has taken connected a full caller identity. With 3 of america surviving successful the PNW and 1 surviving successful SoCal, it’s awesome erstwhile we tin get into a country unneurotic and play ‘HANG OUT’ for conscionable ourselves. Naturally, we jumped astatine the thought of getting into a beauteous [Earwig] workplace successful Seattle to movie a unrecorded show of the tune, and we emotion however it turned out!”

For the “stripped” version, the radical deed up Earwig Studios’ Red Room and fto the tone of the (still living) David Lynch take over. “Traditionally, erstwhile a set has a stripped mentation of a song, it mostly means an acoustic oregon benignant of Kumbaya mentation of immoderate opus they’re playing,” says Austin. “We wanted to instrumentality it up a notch and bash our champion to correspond our songs arsenic intimately arsenic we could to their existent form.”

(James Gerde)

“In this alternate medium, we consciousness it takes connected a antithetic vibe,” says Held. “We were capable to get into an astonishing signaling workplace successful Seattle called, Earwig Studios and upon visiting for the archetypal time, we were enamored with a country that they person that has a precise chill ‘Twin Peaks’ vibe to it and decided it would beryllium the cleanable spot to movie a mates of songs with a 360 camera. We ever emotion uncovering caller ways to beryllium originative with our songs and particularly uncovering ways to it successful caller environments.”

Fans are going to get much Pretty Awkward successful the coming year. After gathering a buzz with a fistful of singles – “Higher,” “Misfits,” “Dangerous Love,” and “Bored” — the  Seattle-based quartet plans to merchandise their debut LP successful aboriginal 2022. And erstwhile the set comes to your town, don’t beryllium awkward. Click “YES” connected the invitation and spell bent retired with them.