Prisoner Given Extra Jail Time for Threatening to Kill UK Lawmaker

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A captive has had his jailhouse condemnation extended by 5 years for sending a missive from his compartment threatening to termination a subordinate of the British Parliament.

Rakeem Malik, 54, a Muslim person who was calved Paul Anthony Harrison, was sentenced astatine Birmingham Crown Court connected Monday for threatening to termination Labour MP Jess Phillips.

Malik was already serving a five-year sentence, imposed successful June 2020, for threatening to termination and rape Phillips and Rosie Cooper, different Labour MP.

He besides sent malicious communications to Prime Minister Boris Johnson and said helium “would eat” erstwhile Prime Minister Theresa May.

Malik was charged connected Aug. 4 with sending different threatening missive to Philips successful November past year, and sending a threatening missive to a subordinate of the nationalist successful the aforesaid month.

After Malik was sentenced connected Monday, Phillips told the PA quality bureau that she felt immoderate comfortableness due to the fact that specified an “attack connected our democracy” had been taken truly earnestly “in airy of attacks against members of Parliament.”

On Oct. 15, Conservative MP Sir David Amess, a 69-year-old begetter of five, was brutally attacked erstwhile gathering constituents successful Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, and aboriginal died of aggregate stab wounds to the chest.

Ali Harbi Ali, 25, a British nationalist of Somali descent, was charged connected Oct. 21 with the execution of Amess and “the mentation of violent acts.”

The decease of Amess has rekindled statement connected MPs’ safety. Home Secretary Priti Patel told the House of Commons past week that quality officers had upgraded the menace level for politicians to “substantial” but determination was nary “specific oregon imminent threat.”

Phillips said she felt “less scared” astir the menace from Malik due to the fact that helium was already successful prison.

“I don’t consciousness this is simply a antheral who is coming retired of situation immoderate clip soon and truthful I don’t consciousness immoderate peculiar risk. I consciousness pleased that the close happening happened,” she said.

Birmingham Crown Court besides ordered that Malik’s transgression behaviour bid should stay successful spot for an indefinite play to prohibit interaction with members of Parliament.

Malik was besides fixed an indefinite restraining bid not to pass with the victims successful this case.

Malik is already serving a beingness condemnation imposed successful 1999 aft admitting attempting to execution a “cell mate” whom helium tried to strangle with shoelaces astatine Merseyside’s Ashworth precocious information hospital.

PA contributed to this report.

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