Proposed Dispensary Below Recovery Center Rejected in Costa Mesa

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A new retail cannabis store was denied a location astatine 2001 Harbor Boulevard on Nov. 28 after a 4–2 vote by Costa Mesa’s Planning Commission, with commissioners Russell Toler  and Diane Russell dissenting, and commissioner Jon Zich absent.

The denial comes aft commissioners raised concerns about the determination of a counseling center, which, successful part, treats those with substance abuse, near the proposed dispensary’s desired location.

“It conscionable doesn’t marque consciousness to enactment a retail storefront that is fundamentally selling a cause … instantly adjacent to a counseling halfway wherever radical are recovering from the maltreatment of said product,” Commission Chair Byron de Arakal said during the meeting.

Epoch Times Photo A record photograph of a cannabis sample. (John Fredricks/The Epoch Times)

Arakal said the denial volition apt get appealed, which would give the Costa Mesa City Council an opportunity to revisit the city’s ordinance that lone prohibits specified cookware shops adjacent K-12 schools, playgrounds, stateless shelters, and younker centers.

Commissioner Diane Russell, who also voted against the denial, said she did truthful due to the fact that the counseling halfway has not expressed interest astir the issue.

“Even though they were notified, we haven’t heard thing from them to bespeak that they spot it arsenic a problem,” she said.

Representatives of the cannabis store successful question, South Coast Safe Access, said they mailed notices to each spot owners wrong 500 feet, and a nationalist announcement was published erstwhile successful a section newspaper, of their volition to open.

The representatives besides said they held an unfastened house in aboriginal November wherever astir a dozen people attended showing support.

But Commissioner Jimmy Vivar, who made the question to cull the proposal, said helium thought sufficient outreach efforts were not made and had concerns due to the fact that the unfastened location was held connected a Monday from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m.

“The committee hearing was held during unreserved hr and connected an inconvenient day,” helium said.

Sofia Chavez, who lives adjacent to the projected location, said successful a missive to the committee submitted arsenic nationalist remark that a cannabis store there would beryllium detrimental to the community.

“Why close adjacent to a residential area?” she wrote. “Does the applicant not recognize however this would impact our residents who bash not request to beryllium surrounded by the beingness of marijuana daily?”

Plans for another cannabis store at 1072 Bristol Street were besides rejected by commissioners earlier this year. Several complaints were made from neighbors regarding the store’s proximity to residential neighborhoods with children, contributing to the denial.

Rudy Blalock