Prosecutors: Convicted CEO Elizabeth Holmes Is a Flight Risk

8 months ago 68

SAN JOSE, Calif.—Elizabeth Holmes is simply a formation hazard and shouldn’t beryllium allowed to enactment retired of situation portion she appeals her 11-year situation condemnation for defrauding investors, national prosecutors said successful tribunal documents.

Holmes had a one-way level summons to Mexico booked for Jan. 26, 2022, 3 weeks aft being convicted by a assemblage connected 4 counts of fraud and conspiracy, national prosecutors said successful a question filed Thursday successful national tribunal successful Northern California.

Holmes, who was CEO of Theranos during the company’s turbulent 15-year history, was convicted successful a strategy that revolved astir the company’s claims to person developed a aesculapian instrumentality that could observe a multitude of diseases and conditions from a fewer drops of blood. But the exertion ne'er worked, and the claims were false.

Holmes booked the 2022 formation without a scheduled instrumentality travel and lone canceled it aft prosecutors contacted her attorneys astir the “unauthorized flight,” prosecutors said.

Her attorneys did not instantly respond Friday to email and telephone messages from The Associated Press. In a Jan. 23, 2022, email responding to prosecutors’ concerns astir the planned trip, they said Holmes had booked it earlier the jury’s verdict to be a wedding successful Mexico.

“Given the verdict, she does not program to instrumentality the travel and truthful did not supply notice, question permission, oregon petition entree to her passport [which the authorities has] for the trip,” wrote Lance Wade, 1 of Holmes’s attorneys.

On November 17, U.S. District Judge Edward Davila sentenced Homes to much than 11 years successful prison. Davila ordered Holmes—who is pregnant—to study to situation connected April 27, giving her capable clip to springiness commencement to her 2nd kid earlier she is incarcerated. She gave commencement to a lad soon earlier her proceedings started past year.

Prosecutors did not protestation Davila’s determination to springiness Holmes 5 months of state oregon bring up the information that they considered her a formation risk.

Holmes is scheduled to instrumentality to tribunal connected March 17 for a proceeding connected her petition to enactment retired of situation portion she appeals her conviction.