Public Safety Minister Doesn’t Respond to Questions About Reports of Unofficial Chinese Police Stations in Canada

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Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino gave nary effect erstwhile pressed by Conservative MP Michael Chong connected what the Liberal authorities is going to bash successful respect to allegations that communist China is operating unofficial overseas constabulary stations connected Canadian soil.

“The government’s priorities are descending into farce,” Chong said during question period successful the House of Commons connected Sept. 6. “They won’t let U.S. officers into Canada to reopen Nexus offices adjacent though we person an statement and the United States is an ally.”

“Meanwhile, Iranian officers freely travel to this state to intimidate Canadians due to the fact that they won’t database the IRGC [Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps], and present we find retired that constabulary officers from the People’s Republic of China are operating retired of 3 offices illegally unfastened successful Canada, intimidating Canadians. So what is the authorities doing astir these amerciable constabulary stations successful Toronto?”

Epoch Times Photo Conservative MP Michael Chong rises during Question Period successful the House of Commons connected Parliament Hill successful Ottawa connected June 13, 2022. (Justin Tang/The Canadian Press)

Mendicino did not respond to the question, but commented connected the ongoing protests successful Iran, sparked by the decease of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini connected Sept. 16 aft being arrested for not wearing her hijab properly.

“I privation to beryllium unequivocally wide that we proceed to condemn successful the astir beardown terms, the brutal sidesplitting of Mahsa Amini successful Iran. We volition proceed to guarantee that we are taking each due enactment for those liable for their transgressions. We basal with the women, we basal with everyone who is advocating quality rights,” the curate said.

‘Clear Track Record’

Reports of China’s expanding “overseas constabulary work stations” were brought to nationalist attraction aft Spain-based quality rights NGO Safeguard Defenders published its investigative study past month, titled “110 Overseas: Chinese Transnational Policing Gone Wild.

The study identified a full of 54 Chinese overseas constabulary stations successful 30 countries, including 3 successful Toronto astatine the time of publication. The stations are each nether the jurisdiction of 2 local-level constabulary services successful China—the Fuzhou Public Security Bureau successful Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, and the Qingtian County constabulary successful Zhejiang Province, the authors wrote.

Peter Dahlin, laminitis and manager of Safeguard Defenders and co-author of the report, told The Epoch Times antecedently that successful summation to the 3 stations successful Toronto—two successful Markham and 1 successful Scarborough, whose locations were published successful a Chinese authorities media outlet—there are apt different unofficial Chinese police stations either successful beingness oregon being established successful Canada, though they person yet to beryllium discovered.

Conservative MP Pierre Paul-Hus followed up connected the issue, pressing Mendicino to corroborate if a study by the National Post connected akin allegations is existent fixed that the Chinese authorities has maintained that those stations were meant to assistance expats with administrative tasks specified arsenic renewing their driving licences.

“The Chinese communist authorities is not successful the wont of telling the truth. This isn’t the archetypal clip we oregon the premier curate person heard astir Chinese communists harassing Canadians. Is the National Post communicative accurate, and without the rhetoric, tin the premier curate archer america what he’s going to bash astir it?” Paul-Hus asked.

“[We person a] wide way grounds of providing each of the tools that are indispensable to our nationalist information apparatus to combat the benignant of overseas interference and threats—threats to nationalist information that my workfellow crossed the aisle talks about,” Mendicino replied.

‘Waiting for Evidence’

Testifying earlier the parliamentary Canada–China committee connected Sept. 4, Weldon Epp, manager wide for Global Affairs Canada’s North Asia and Oceania Bureau, said that an probe into the allegations has started.

“We are waiting for evidence, not conscionable from media reports, but from operations underway.”

Epp besides confirmed determination is nary bilateral pact with China that would let the Chinese police to reside successful Canada and unfastened their constabulary stations connected Canadian ungraded erstwhile asked by Chong during the meeting.

Aileen Calverley, co-founder and trustee of the quality rights advocacy radical Hong Kong Watch, who besides spoke astatine the committee meeting, said it is “very shocking” to larn of the alleged unofficial constabulary centres established by the Chinese regime.

“They assertion that they conscionable assistance the Chinese citizens to renew their passports. They don’t request that due to the fact that they person their ain embassy,” she said.

“They usage that really to intimidate the Chinese citizens … [and] to scare them to spell backmost to China to look proceedings and past endanger their families. But present with the constabulary presumption really successful Markham, they tin intimidate radical similar us. I’ve been surviving successful Canada for galore decades—now I consciousness frightened.”

Isaac Teo


Isaac Teo is an Epoch Times newsman based successful Toronto.