Qantas to offer vegetarian meals on all domestic flights again after customer backlash

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Qantas volition commencement serving vegetarian meals connected each home flights again aft a backlash from travellers.

At the commencement of the pandemic successful 2020 Qantas reduced its repast offerings connected committee each home flights nether 3.5 hours, ​​which meant lone providing a azygous enactment connected immoderate flights.

But connected Friday, aft unit from customers, the hose announced it would reverse its decision, re-introducing vegetarian meals connected all domestic flights nether 3.5 hours.

As an example, the hose said it would connection zucchini and maize fritters arsenic good arsenic chickenhearted and leek pies.

Fresh effect volition besides beryllium offered connected board, which was paused during the pandemic owed to precocious levels of wastage, the hose said.

Qantas enforcement manager of merchandise and service, Phil Capps, said the hose “has heard the connection large and clear” astir having vegetarian options available.

“We had to marque a batch of alterations to our work during Covid and we’re inactive successful the process of bringing things backmost and updating others,” Capps said.

“We’re successful the mediate of a broader paper refresh for our home web that volition rotation retired from October, which includes caller vegetarian options.”


Co-founder and managing manager of the nonprofit DoSomething, John Dee, who had led the complaint for the hose to connection vegetarian meals again, said it was “very good” to spot Qantas responding truthful quickly.

“Qantas has ever been a large hose successful the past, and it’s bully to spot them bringing backmost mean nutrient services.

“Having said that, this was a determination that should ne'er person happened, arsenic it discriminated against Australians who request peculiar meals.”

After being told by compartment unit the paper was “one size fits each now” connected his formation betwixt Adelaide to Sydney connected Sunday, Dee tweeted astatine Qantas and was joined by different irate travellers who had recovered themselves going bare aft lone being offered a repast containing meat.

“It was pleasing to spot truthful galore members of the nationalist and the media hold that it made nary consciousness – and it had to beryllium disposable arsenic a close for immoderate rider who wanted it,” Dee said.