‘Queens’ star Naturi Naughton exposes ‘shady’ music biz: ‘That trauma is there’

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Art is imitating beingness for Naturi Naughton.

The 37-year-old histrion got her commencement successful the limelight arsenic one-third of the R&B popular radical 3LW astatine the tender property of 15. Alongside Adrienne Bailon Houghton (current co-host connected the talkshow “The Real”) and Kiely Williams, the trio dropped myriad hits — including “Playas Gon’ Play,” “No More (Baby Ima Do Right)” and “Feelin’ You,” featuring juggernaut producer-rapper Jermaine Dupri.

“The euphony concern tin beryllium shady — and my acquisition arsenic a teen was not good,” she told The Post portion hyping “Queens,” her caller deed ABC amusement astir the reunion of a ’90s miss group. “That pain, that wounded — that trauma is inactive there.”

Following the tumultuous interruption up of 3LW successful 2007, Naughton enactment the play down her and successful the years that followed focused connected pumping it into the large surface by playing Grammy-nominated rapper Lil Kim successful “Notorious,” the 2008 biopic of Biggie “The Notorious B.I.G.” Smalls, and a six-year tally arsenic the woman of a gangster cause lord successful the Starz drama “Power” other Omari Hardwick.

Now, aft implicit 20 years successful the business, Naughton’s vocation has travel afloat circle. Currently the Decatur, Georgia, autochthonal stars successful “Queens” arsenic Jill aka “Da Thrill,” an archetypal subordinate of a miss radical named the Nasty Bitches, formed with her precocious schoolhouse friends. Sound familiar? After years apart, the set reunites successful their 40s to asseverate their swagger and reclaim their fame.

Playing Naughton’s bandmates successful the caller play from enforcement producer Zahir McGhee (“Scandal”) are rapper Eve (Brianna aka Professor Sex), Grammy-winning R&B songstress Brandy Norwood (Naomi aka Xplicit Lyrics) and Nadine Velazquez (Valeria aka Butter Pecan).

Naughton sat down with The Post to acceptable the grounds consecutive connected awakening the “nasty bitch” wrong and reckoning with her traumatic past successful the “shady” euphony industry.

QUEENS - ABC's "Queens" stars Naturi Naughton arsenic  Jill aka Da Thrill. (ABC/Gavin Bond)Naughton has walked done occurrence successful her career, but taking the vigor has ignited her passionateness for occurrence adjacent more. After scene-stealing impermanent spots connected “Mad Men” and “It’s Always Sunny successful Philadelphia,” and supporting roles successful disappointing films similar the 2009 “Fame” reboot, she’s yet starring successful her ain deed series.ABC/Gavin Bond

“The manufacture tin beryllium vicious. Social media tin beryllium vicious. People are not ever blessed for you, girl.”

What is the value of being 1 of 4 women of colour starring a amusement connected primetime television?

It feels breathtaking to beryllium connected web television. ABC [has] ever been a progressive web who shows diverseness successful a truly breathtaking ways. I virtually was obsessed with ‘Scandal,’ and Kerry Washington is simply a person of mine. I look up to her and Viola [Davis]. I deliberation tv is evolving successful a mode wherever women person voices and women of colour are enactment connected a level to explicit those voices.

What has been the champion portion of moving with your co-stars?

Honestly, the friendships, the sisterhood. I grew up with an older brother. I didn’t person immoderate sisters increasing up. And these women consciousness similar the sisters that I ever wanted. We speech astir everything, we Kiki. You don’t often get to bash a amusement wherever you privation to speech to them aft you wrap. And that brings maine joyousness due to the fact that it doesn’t hap that mode each the time.

The archetypal azygous released for ‘Queens’ is called ‘Nasty Girls.’ How did you unleash your interior nasty miss to get acceptable for this role?

Oh she was already wrong waiting to come. Obviously I’ve played immoderate nasty characters, a.k.a. Little Kim. She’s a nasty miss each day, each day. But I wanted Jill to consciousness hardcore, but she’s besides precise theatrical. She’s exciting. You ne'er cognize if she’s going to bash thing brainsick connected her knees. We changeable that video successful Florida connected a yacht. It was a 100 degrees. It was hard work, but it was truthful overmuch amusive for maine arsenic an artist. Going backmost to immoderate of those themes from the 90s and the 2000s, I was transported backmost into my ain life.

“I conscionable effort to beryllium honorable with myself and say, ‘Oh, wow, that pain, that hurt, that trauma is inactive there.’ “

Naughton, connected her acquisition arsenic portion of the ’90s miss radical 3LW

As the lone subordinate of the formed erstwhile successful a miss group, has this amusement inspired you to reunite with 3LW oregon absorption connected your ain euphony career?

I would absorption connected my ain euphony career. It’s nary shade, I’ve conscionable grown truthful overmuch from my teenage years. But I usage my existent experiences to assistance pass my quality Jill. I decidedly consciousness similar my acquisition with 3LW had immoderate ups and downs. It wasn’t the champion concern for me, truthful I don’t deliberation I would beryllium inspired to spell backwards. However, I’m inspired to pat into immoderate of those experiences and retrieve however I got done them. The euphony concern tin beryllium shady and my acquisition arsenic a teen was not good. So I conscionable effort to beryllium honorable with myself and say, ‘Oh, wow, that pain, that hurt, that trauma is inactive there.’ Now I request to conscionable excavation heavy and usage it for Jill and “Queens.” I americium grateful that I had my experience. It helped maine to beryllium a amended actress.

Has “Queens” inspired you to merchandise euphony arsenic Naturi?

That’s really thing I americium moving on. Before “Queens” I was successful the workplace moving with an awesome shaper signaling a solo project. I person immoderate truly astonishing songs I’m excited to bring to the world. I get a accidental to reintroduce that broadside of myself to an assemblage that whitethorn not adjacent retrieve that I was a vocalist archetypal due to the fact that I’ve chiefly focused connected my acting career. The past clip radical truly saw maine successful this abstraction was astir 20 years ago.

Your quality is surviving a treble life. She’s joined to a man, but successful emotion with a woman. How bash you deliberation your quality volition resonate with the LGBTQ community?

I anticipation that radical truly link to this due to the fact that we are trying to amusement the truth, but successful a non-stereotypical way. Jill is decidedly surviving a treble life, and she’s decidedly struggling to fig retired which broadside of the coin she wants to beryllium on. But erstwhile she does decide, I anticipation that empowers truthful galore radical from the LGBTQ assemblage truthful that they consciousness like, ‘Maybe this is my infinitesimal to beryllium true, to beryllium honorable [and] to beryllium existent with myself, immoderate that whitethorn be.’ This quality is truthful analyzable that I anticipation it inspires radical to say, don’t enactment maine successful a container and don’t marque my sexuality specify maine arsenic a whole. Hopefully that inspires galore people.

ABC's "Queens" stars Naturi Naughton arsenic  Jill aka Da Thrill, Eve arsenic  Brianna aka Professor Sex, Brandy arsenic  Naomi aka Xplicit Lyrics, and Nadine Velazquez arsenic  Valeria aka Butter Pecan. (ABC/Gavin Bond)These 4 ladies are bringing the vigor connected ABC’s “Queens.” (L-R) Naturi Naughton arsenic Jill aka Da Thrill, Eve arsenic Brianna aka Professor Sex, Brandy arsenic Naomi aka Xplicit Lyrics, and Nadine Velazquez arsenic Valeria aka Butter Pecan.ABC/Gavin Bond

“It’s a conflict being a pistillate successful the industry, but peculiarly being a achromatic pistillate who is not ever celebrated oregon welcomed.”

Your character’s nickname is “Da Thrill.” What has been the biggest thrill of your vocation truthful far?

The biggest thrill of my vocation was taking connected the relation of Lil Kim successful ‘Notorious.’ My precise archetypal relation was virtually doing a nude country and trying to rap erstwhile I had ne'er done that earlier successful my life, with pastries connected my nipples like, what much bash you need? I was truthful tense erstwhile I got that portion due to the fact that I didn’t adjacent cognize if I could bash it. I didn’t truly cognize if I believed successful myself oregon felt sexy oregon assured capable due to the fact that I was coming retired of being a young girl. And erstwhile you modulation from being a young miss into a woman, sometimes it’s a small nervus wracking. So that was a thrill. And I would besides say, leaving the business, going to assemblage successful New Jersey and choosing to instrumentality a interruption from the craziness truly changed maine due to the fact that it fto maine cognize that I’m quality first. I’m a pistillate first.

Your archetypal enactment connected the aviator is “forgive me, begetter for I person sinned.” What bash you deliberation is the biggest misdeed women marque successful regards to their careers?

The biggest misdeed that we each marque is apologizing for yourselves, similar shrinking, trying to beryllium tiny erstwhile you’re truly big, trying to diminish who you are, to marque men consciousness amended erstwhile you are that girl. I deliberation we request to halt apologizing for our voices, our opinions. We request to marque definite that we ain our bodies, that we ain our stories and empower different women. But I deliberation that’s a large sin. Sometimes it’s due to the fact that determination are different women that are successful powerfulness that privation you to shrink truthful that they’re not intimidated by you up and coming. It’s a conflict being a pistillate successful the industry, but peculiarly being I’m a achromatic pistillate who is not ever celebrated oregon welcomed. We should conscionable say, ‘I volition basal successful this country successful my glory and my amazingness.’ Embrace who you are and don’t apologize for it.

While your character, Jill decides that she wants to divorcement her hubby successful existent beingness you revealed that you got engaged this past Christmas without revealing his identity. Why was it important for you to support his individuality a mystery?

I’m private. I ne'er got joined before. I’ve ne'er been engaged. But I learned immoderate invaluable lessons due to the fact that I became a azygous ma beauteous rapidly and I had to truly fig retired that caller beingness of being a parent connected her own. And erstwhile I recovered a antheral who really embraced maine and didn’t marque maine shrink oregon didn’t marque maine consciousness small, I wanted to support him conscionable arsenic overmuch arsenic helium protects me. The manufacture tin beryllium vicious. Social media tin beryllium vicious. People are not ever blessed for you, girl.

ABC's "Queens" stars Naturi Naughton arsenic  Jill aka Da Thrill.ABC’s “Queens” stars Naturi Naughton arsenic Jill aka Da Thrill. (ABC/Gavin Bond

What tips tin you springiness america girls who are inactive looking for the emotion of our life?

I was really successful a full supplication radical praying for my husband. Real talk. You person to beryllium ready. A batch of radical say, ‘Well, I request companionship. I privation a antheral I privation love.’ But like, are you acceptable to person that due to the fact that sometimes we cull goodness successful our lives. Really, I conscionable decided I wanted to beryllium ready.

Why should viewers ticker your caller show?

Watch “Queens” if you judge successful existent sisterhood betwixt women of colour successful a celebrated way, that’s funny, dramatic, honest, integrated and pure. Please travel cheque the fashion, the hair, the constitution due to the fact that we are slaying. OK! If radical privation to flight the brainsick satellite that we unrecorded successful close now, I anticipation that they bash marque “Queens” fig 1 due to the fact that we are moving to springiness you guys our best.