Queensland’s police commissioner declined an initial invitation to appear at domestic violence inquiry

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Queensland’s constabulary commissioner, Katarina Carroll, rejected an invitation to look astatine an enquiry into constabulary responses to home violence, prompting the committee to inquire if they needed to contented a summons for her to attend.

During a proceeding connected Thursday, counsel assisting the inquiry, Ruth O’Gorman, said the committee archetypal asked Carroll to springiness grounds connected 4 August aft they “formed concerns astir deficiency of resourcing” aft the grounds of adjunct constabulary commissioner Brian Codd.

O’Gorman said Carroll subsequently declined the petition to attend.

The committee again contacted Carroll connected 11 August, O’Gorman said, advising that her attendance was “required” and asking whether she needed a “summons issued” for her to appear.

Speaking astatine the inquiry, Carroll agreed this had occurred and said: “I was contented to travel along.”

In a written connection provided to the inquiry, Carroll said she did “not accept” that determination were wide taste issues successful the Queensland constabulary work (QPS).

“The word wide implies that determination are entrenched oregon ingrained taste issues with all, oregon the majority, of the service, I bash not judge this … QPS are committed to addressing inappropriate behaviour,” her connection read.

The enquiry heard that 40% of officers who participated successful a survey did not hold that QPS elder leaders sent a affirmative connection astir the value of eliminating home and household violence.

In response, Carroll told the enquiry connected Thursday: “I americium amazed and disappointed to spot that.

The inquiry’s commissioner, Deborah Richards, besides asked Carroll wherefore she had not responded to written questions from the enquiry astir the resourcing of the constabulary work home and household unit command.

Carroll said an adjunct commissioner, Cameron Harsley, had done a batch of enactment astir resourcing and had a amended knowing of wherever the wealth had been spent.

The enquiry besides heard that erstwhile a caller bid was established to respond to home unit aft the murder of Doreen Langham past February, it was fixed nary further resources.

The enquiry heard Carroll had told media past twelvemonth that the bid would “ensure” greater betterment and that “previous recommendations successful narration to the mode we woody with [domestic and household violence] are correctly implemented”.

Carroll told the enquiry her volition was not to “mislead” the nationalist and said she intended the betterment to “be a journey” that would instrumentality “the organisation to the adjacent level”.

“I had … conversations with the adjunct commissioner astir this … for him to travel backmost to maine and archer maine what the champion exemplary was,” she said.

When O’Gorman said immoderate constabulary districts were “crying retired for resources”, Carroll told the enquiry she would “have to hold with that”, and that reforms were astir 18 months down wherever she’d “like them to be”.

She said she would enquire astir whether the bid could question further resources.

“My steadfast content is the bid needs to proceed to turn to execute its strategical objectives,” Carroll said.

“Particularly successful probe and intel.”

Carroll’s quality astatine the enquiry came aft Guardian Australia asked the commission connected 4 August wherefore they had not asked the constabulary commissioner to springiness grounds successful idiosyncratic astatine the hearings, which were scheduled to decorativeness past Tuesday.

The committee said it “did not intend” to telephone Carroll.

A QPS spokesperson besides said its organisation and commissioner had “provided a important contribution” to the enquiry and volition “fully cooperate”.

Carroll told reporters implicit the play that she wanted to springiness grounds due to the fact that it was “important” to springiness “context” to claims made astir constabulary culture.

The proceeding continues.