‘Quiet fabulosity’: remote New Zealand church gets pink makeover to celebrate queer community

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On the chaotic and distant westbound seashore of New Zealand’s South Island, an aged dame is getting a hot-pink makeover, with each the synthetic flowers, coloured beads and glitter she tin take. Her sanction is Gloria, and she is an 83-year-old church, connected her mode to becoming a nationalist sculpture and “queer beacon” for the section community.

“I didn’t turn up successful the church, I grew up successful a Jewish household, but mostly I grew up making things, and successful caller years I’ve go much and much excited astir queer celebration,” says writer and creator Sam Duckor-Jones.

Artist and writer  Sam Duckor-Jones
Artist and writer Sam Duckor-Jones recovered the unused religion aft searching online for ‘the cheapest location successful New Zealand’. Photograph: Sam Duckor-Jones

Gloria, built successful 1939, was formerly the St Peter’s Anglican Church successful Greymouth, a municipality of astir 14,000 people, connected the representation much for its mining past than mardi gras.

When Duckor-Jones felt acceptable to determination from his location northbound of Wellington 2 years ago, but struggled to find an affordable location successful the superior city, helium searched the net for “the cheapest location successful New Zealand”. The church, which had been unused since 2000, popped up, and Duckor-Jones promptly fell successful love.

He instantly acceptable retired to person it into a “queer spot of worship”, a sculpture (“not a renovation”) with 50 larger-than-life papier-mache congregation members. He volition unrecorded determination until the sculpture is finished, which helium anticipates volition instrumentality 5 years.

A luminous Gloria sign
Duckor-Jones wants the religion to enactment arsenic a ‘queer beacon’ for the section community. Photograph: Sam Duckor-Jones

What radical take to worship, oregon however the nationalist wishes to usage the space, is wholly up to them, but creating a spot for agrarian queerness to thrive is apical of mind. “I truly privation them to consciousness immoderate ownership for Gloria and consciousness similar it’s their abstraction they tin travel and bent retired successful oregon support adding to aft I determination on.”

Gloria’s sanction was chosen arsenic a hat-tip to Christian hymns, disco and a make-believe quality Duckor-Jones and his member created erstwhile they were children. “I enactment play astatine the precise very apical of everything that is important successful the world.”

Beads bent  from the ceiling of the religion  present  known arsenic  Gloria
The sanction Gloria is meant arsenic a playful notation to the church’s past. Photograph: Sam Duckor-Jones

And playful it is – a campy pinkish wonderland with tinsel curtains and a neon “Gloria” sign. “I’ve ever truly enjoyed pink. Also, I similar pushing a small spot of pinkish connected the world. It’s not subtle – it says, ‘look astatine me’. It’s got its full past with queerness, pride, cheery liberation and gender. It is truly almighty that radical person beardown feelings astir pink, similar they person astir nary different colour.”

When Duckor-Jones speaks of Gloria, helium does truthful with the aforesaid reverence held for an elder, oregon a idiosyncratic with a quality of their own. “I’m a nice, lukewarm idiosyncratic but I’ve ne'er been precise bully astatine information successful the community. But Gloria conscionable wouldn’t person a barroom of that attitude. People are conscionable coming from acold and wide and privation to observe her with me.”

Since embarking connected the project, section residents person been popping by, offering tools, relaying section past and embracing the agleam queer beacon emerging connected their quiescent street. “I wanted Gloria to beryllium to the community, due to the fact that I thought, astatine immoderate constituent idiosyncratic volition bash thing stupid, similar tag it oregon pain it down, and I privation the assemblage to beryllium arsenic outraged arsenic well,” helium says with a laugh.

Reclamation of accepted spaces and practices by queer communities has a agelong history, arsenic does the collision of agrarian locales and queerness successful fashionable culture. Duckor-Jones’ task has already drawn parallels with the English creator Derek Jarman’s Dungeness home, the cheery activistic radical Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and the cult resistance movie Priscilla Queen of the Desert.

The religion  named Gloria from the outside
Local residents person embraced the church’s caller identity, popping by to connection tools and archer Duckor-Jones astir section history. Photograph: Sam Duckor-Jones

“I similar promoting a benignant of quiescent fabulosity,” Duckor-Jones says. “I truly similar sitting by myself crocheting but wearing, you know, a pinkish silk gown with immoderate mascara, listening to Judy [Garland].”

“Gloria is benignant of a practice of that – of being glittery and ridiculous and implicit the top, successful tiny municipality New Zealand, successful a quiescent small country wherever it rains a lot. Take that, Sydney.”