Racehorse Dies at Los Alamitos; 17th Fatality This Year

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CYPRESS, Calif.—A 4-year-old filly astatine Los Alamitos Race Course has suffered a abrupt death, becoming the track’s 17th racehorse to dice this year.

Pistachio Princess died Nov. 21, according to the California Horse Racing Board.

The filly had 19 starts successful her vocation and 2 first-place finishes, with wins astatine Santa Anita successful March and astatine Los Alamitos successful June 2021. She was owned by Belico Racing LLC, her trainer was Lorenzo Ruiz and her jockey was Edgar Payeras.

Pistachio Princess is the 17th equine that dormant astatine Los Alamitos, and the 57th racehorse decease successful California this year, according to Marty Irby, enforcement manager of the nationwide radical Animal Wellness Action.

“Pumping horses afloat of drugs until their decease and ignoring the payment of these iconic American equines volition nary longer beryllium tolerated,” said Irby.

“If trainers successful the athletics don’t cleanable up their enactment and they proceed to combat against the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Act, past the athletics volition undoubtedly extremity up conscionable similar carnal exhibits astatine the Ringling Bros. and Barnum Bailey Circus and swiftly wither away,” helium said.

Mike Marten, nationalist accusation serviceman with the California Horse Racing Board, told City News Service that Pistachio Princess was recovered dormant successful her stall Monday, and her origin of decease would beryllium confirmed by a postmortem introspection nether the absorption of the University of California astatine Davis.

“Sudden decease is defined arsenic an acute illness and decease successful a intimately observed and antecedently seemingly steadfast horse,” Marten said.

“As the California Horse Racing Board, with the afloat practice of the racing industry, continues to trim the fig of equine fatalities each year—reduced by much than 50 percent successful the past fewer years—there are less musculo-skeletal fatalities associated with racing and training,” Marten’s connection said.

“Therefore, arsenic a percent of wide fatalities, abrupt deaths person go a larger percentage, arsenic the earthy fig has remained constant. There are not much abrupt deaths than before. It conscionable appears truthful successful airy of the alteration from different causes,” the connection continued.

Marten said that abrupt decease is simply a worldwide contented that is faced not lone by racehorses but besides exists successful different carnal groups. It besides occurs among humans, particularly athletes, helium said.

He stated that the bureau is besides seeking proposal from sudden-death expert, Dr. Francisco Uzal from the University of California–Davis.

“Despite these efforts, abrupt deaths are not afloat understood. In fact, astir fractional the postmortem examinations worldwide involving abrupt deaths bash not effect successful a definite diagnosis connected nonstop origin of death, though the presumption is that galore are owed to cardiovascular failure,” the connection adds.

“We should enactment that the complete, exhaustive postmortem examinations and in-depth toxicology studies person recovered nary grounds to suggest that medications are the origin of the abrupt deaths present successful California.”

Los Alamitos officials did not reply to a petition for comment.

So acold successful 2022, 7 horses astatine the Cypress way person died from racing injuries, 3 from grooming injuries, and different 7 from different causes.

Eleven horses died from racing oregon grooming injuries astatine Los Alamitos successful 2021, with different 2 deaths listed arsenic “other.” The way was concisely placed connected probation by the committee successful July 2020 owed to a spate of racehorse deaths. At that time, astatine slightest 20 horses had died astatine the way successful 2020 aft suffering racing oregon grooming injuries.

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