Rachael Ray taking her show to Ukraine: ‘Makes me cry to think about it’

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Rachael Ray is taking her daytime amusement to war-torn Ukraine.

“The Rachael Ray Show” is readying to decamp to Ukraine successful October to portion shows determination arsenic the state continues to combat for its endurance aft being attacked by Russia successful precocious February.

“It makes maine outcry to deliberation astir it,” Ray, 54, told The Post during an interrogation to speech astir the 17th play of “Rachael Ray,” which premiered earlier this period (2 p.m./Ch. 7). “We’re going to an orphanage that’s besides a religion and a vocational grooming schoolhouse and we’re going to physique retired their kitchens … and marque borscht with the children there.

“We’re going to spell backmost to a infirmary [in Lviv], which is simply a cardinal determination for anyone who survives attacks, and we mightiness person clip to get to a immense cemetery wherever the top of [Ukraine] and the precocious fallen casualties of the warfare are buried.

“I didn’t privation to bash this, adjacent privately, with a cellphone, due to the fact that I’m not doing this for idiosyncratic gain, like, ‘Oh, look astatine her, she’s doing enactment there.’ I hatred radical who deterioration philanthropy connected their sleeves,” she said. “They’re defending ideology for the escaped satellite and we can’t suffer show of that — we request to support [the Ukrainian people] successful our hearts, spirits and minds.”

Photo of Kate Hudson and Rachael Ray connected  the acceptable   of "The Rachael Ray Show." They're sitting astatine  a table, acold   apart, and are facing each   different   and smiling. Rachael is wearing glasses. They some  person  java  mugs successful  beforehand   of them.Kate Hudson was a caller in-studio impermanent connected “The Rachael Ray Show.”
Rachael Ray Show

Here successful New York, “Rachael Ray” returned to its workplace past season pursuing the pandemic. Ray, who did the amusement remotely for a portion from her location successful upstate New York — with hubby John Cusimano arsenic her cameraman — volition proceed that hybrid exemplary this season, which opened with a two-part amusement filmed successful Italy.

“A fewer years agone we opened our location to the TV amusement and fto radical spot virtually each portion of oregon backstage lives,” she said. “We ever kept our location our home, our backstage abstraction … and adjacent taking pictures determination it was like, ‘No, nary no.’ I had nary prime erstwhile we closed the workplace during the pandemic … and we’re continuing to bash that this twelvemonth done the extremity of the play — fractional successful the workplace and fractional upstate.

“I similar the mix,” she said, “the amusive vigor of being successful the workplace for a prolonged clip again. The archetypal mates of days [this season] Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz were here; they’re some longtime friends of the amusement and beauteous radical and to interaction them and accidental hullo and bent retired backstage was lovely.”

Ray said she doesn’t cognize what the aboriginal holds regarding her syndicated speech show, which premiered successful 2006.

“I person to deliberation a batch astir it. There are radical I privation to nutrient and I privation to sprout much from Italy,” she said. “No decisions person been made and, rather frankly, I’ve ne'er been bully similar that. I lone got present [when the amusement archetypal started] due to the fact that I don’t program up excessively much. I fto things instrumentality connected a beingness of their own.

“I’m not the brag of [whether the amusement volition instrumentality for different season], adjacent partially,” she said. “There are larger forces astatine enactment — viewership, viewers’ feedback, each the radical you enactment with and the partnerships you form.

“It’s a corporate happening — truthful wherefore interest astir thing you can’t bash thing astir successful the moment?”