Rachel Roddy’s recipes for festive pasta | A kitchen in Rome

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The flat, connected the 3rd level of a 1900s artifact conscionable disconnected Viale Angelico (it means Angelic Avenue) was lukewarm and smelled of wax, clementines, simmering broth and cloth softener. Everyone arrived astatine noon and enactment their coats connected the spare bed. Conversation and laughter filled the country arsenic household members and 2 friends (some of whom hadn’t seen each different since the erstwhile Christmas) swapped stories astir their travel and the pleasance of parking erstwhile fractional of Rome is determination else. Presents were enactment nether the tree, tinfoil-covered contributions successful the room and bottles connected the sideboard adjacent to the figs. Children were kissed and teenagers praised for getting taller.

At conscionable aft 12.30pm, a solid trolley with golden handles was wheeled successful and parked adjacent the sideboard. On it were crisps, pretzels, tremendous olives (each impaled with a toothpick) and triangles of achromatic breadstuff – fractional topped with salmon, the different with what tasted similar olive paste. A little treatment took spot astir what to drink, due to the fact that 2 bottles were not deemed acold capable yet. Bottles were squashed into the freezer for velocity chilling, portion different corks were popped and glasses filled.

At conscionable aft 1pm, erstwhile everyone was settled astatine a array laid the nighttime earlier with “best” cloths, cutlery and crystal, a tureen the size of a watermelon was brought through. In it was steaming broth and 200 tortellini bobbing connected its surface. There is simply a legend astir this pasta signifier that involves a keyhole and a belly button. More interesting, I think, are the diminutives: tortellini – a precise small, filled pasta, is itself a diminutive of tortelloa tiny filled pasta; which again is simply a diminutive of tortaa pastry oregon cake. A person describes them arsenic signet rings of pasta filled with a paté-like-paste of mortadella, pork, prosciutto and parmesan. They are laborious to marque and, connected Viale Angelico, are greeted with plentifulness of appreciation: “amazing, incredible, wonderful”.

The popular of a lambrusco cork was followed by almost-silence arsenic everyone concentrated connected however galore tortellini they could get connected a spoon. Noisy erstwhile more, and with the bowls cleared, roast veal stuffed with chestnuts appeared, assorted vegetables, too, and much vino was opened. After that came a large vessel of earthy fennel, nuts and fruit, for which men brought retired whittling knives and took disconnected peel successful a helter-skelter azygous strip. Someone unwrapped the panettone, portion idiosyncratic other transferred the contents of the liqueur furniture to the mediate of the table. Full of nutrient and wine, and sitting astir a cluttered table, everyone was somewhat reddish and the country lukewarm with ruddy lustiness.

This is selective telling, of course. The level besides smelled of level polish and the days of labour by idiosyncratic who wished she didn’t person specified a compulsion to clean; for whom appearing an effortless hostess demanded each gram of effort and a caller crown. Two relatives remained connected other sides of the country and everyone hoped they and their opposing governmental views remained that way, adjacent aft grappa. Two mothers chatted competitively, trying to extract arsenic overmuch accusation from the different arsenic possible, portion a grandson, taller and overmuch thinner than the twelvemonth before, lone ate broth and fennel. And present my telling has swung excessively acold the different way, to a luncheon of hidden resentment, sadness, compulsion and indigestion.

But it swings backmost again. As plates were being moved into the kitchen, idiosyncratic started to sing with a granddaughter connected soft portion 1 parent tells another: “There is the anticipation of a scholarship, you know? The teacher says she is precise gifted!” The achromatic cloth has been lifted, shaken retired of the model and replaced with an elasticated greenish baize; the cards are out, and the oldest are teaching the youngest to play scopa, 7 connected seven, 5 and 1 connected six. A movie was planned. By six, the location smelled of grappa, spiced biscuits and melted plastic, due to the fact that 1 of the flats connected Viale Angelico’s Christmas lights had fused to an angel hanging connected the Christmas tree.

Tortellini successful brodo (pictured top)

Tiny, belly button-like pasta stuffed with pork and parmesan, tortellini are emblematic of the Emilia-Romagna region. They are a batch easier to marque than you mightiness ideate and are cooked straight successful the broth they are served with. They besides marque a emblematic and sublime Christmas archetypal course. This look makes astir 220 tortellini; they are small, truthful estimation 30 per person. Many hands are utile here. Once made, the pasta volition keep, covered, for 2 days successful the fridge; they besides frost brilliantly, arsenic does immoderate leftover filling.

Prep 15 min
Chill Overnight
Cook 2 hr 15 min
Serves 6-8

For the filling
30g butter
100g crushed pork
100g prosciutto
100g mortadella
1 ovum yolk
parmesan, grated, positive other to serve
Salt and achromatic pepper
Nutmeg, to taste

For the pasta
200g plain flour
2 e

For the broth
800g chickenhearted thighs
1 veal bone (optional)
1 onion
, peeled and halved
1 carrot, peeled and halved
1 celery stick, halved
1 bay leafage
A fewer peppercorns

First, marque the filling. In a heavy-based pan, melt the food , past adhd the pork and cook, crumbling the mince into the cookware and stirring, until lightly golden. Lift the pork retired of the pan, enactment successful a vessel and permission to cool.

Mince the prosciutto and mortadella precise finely (use a nutrient grinder, nutrient processor oregon precise crisp knife), chopping them astir to a paste, past adhd to the pork vessel with the ovum yolk, parmesan, salt, capsicum and tons of nutmeg. Use your hands to knead everything to a accordant and azygous paste, past screen and enactment successful the fridge to remainder overnight.

Start the stock: enactment the chickenhearted and veal bone, if using, successful a large, heavy-
based pan, screen with 2 litres of acold h2o and adhd a ample pinch of salt. Bring to a boil, crook the vigor down debased and skim disconnected immoderate froth that rises to the surface. Add the vegetables, bay leafage and peppercorns, bring backmost to a boil, past crook down the vigor again, screen the cookware and permission to simmer precise mildly for an hr and 15 minutes. Strain, reserving the broth.

Meanwhile, marque the pasta dough. Mix the flour and eggs, past usage your hands to harvester and knead into a accordant shot of dough. Cut the dough successful two, past usage a pasta instrumentality to rotation it done each the stages to execute the thinnest imaginable sheets. Cut the agelong lengths of pasta into manageable, 20cm-long sheets.

Using a crisp knife, chopped each dough expanse into 2½cm squares. Working a fewer squares astatine a clip (and covering the remainder with a cloth oregon clingfilm, truthful they don’t adust out), enactment a pea-sized dot of the filling successful the centre of each square. Pick up the square, fold it successful fractional diagonally, past usage some thumbs to property and flatten the edges to seal, folding the corners down. Now, with the constituent to the sky, adjacent the triangle into a ringing astir the extremity of an scale finger, truthful it makes a pointy signet ring, and pinch hard to marque definite it seals. Repeat with the remaining pasta and filling.

Bring the strained chickenhearted broth to a dependable boil, driblet successful the tortellini and boil for 5 oregon six minutes, oregon until tender. Serve immediately, with other food connected the side.

Fiona Beckett’s drinks match

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Marks & Spencer Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico 2021 £8, 13%. Clean, crisp, bony dry, not overly fruity – and perfect with this delicate dish.

Over £10
Sassomoro Lambrusco di Modena Castelvetro £13.29 Great Wine Co, 11%. Wild, frothy reddish lambrusco is the classical pairing for tortellini successful brodo, according to Rachel, and is sometimes adjacent splashed into the broth. I’d similar it with a turkey sarnie myself, but springiness it a try.

Timballo with mushrooms

Rachel Roddy’s timballo with mushrooms.
Pasta pie: Rachel Roddy’s timballo with mushrooms.

A celebratory pasta cook with 2 types of mushroom, food and bechamel. It is truly important that the mushrooms are good seasoned and afloat of flavour. Ideally, you volition marque this successful a dome-shaped tin, ample mould oregon adjacent a heavy barroom tin – the much dramatic, the better. You volition past invert it, truthful it’s important the pasta doesn’t instrumentality – marque definite you food and breadcrumb the tin thoroughly.

Prep 10 min
Cook 1 hr
Serves 6

50g porcini
500g field oregon chestnut mushrooms, sliced
2 ail cloves
A fewer sprigs of caller thyme, leaves picked
Salt and achromatic pepper
2 tbsp olive oil
600g short, tubular pasta
(such arsenic tubetti, ditalini oregon mezze maniche)
Butter and breadcrumbs, to grease and enactment the tin
60g parmesan, grated, positive other to serve
150g taleggio
, sliced tiny and thin

For the bechamel
50g butter
50g flour

700ml milk

Soak the porcini successful 300ml lukewarm h2o for 20 minutes. Meanwhile, successful a frying pan, saute the caller mushrooms, garlic, thyme and brackish successful the food and oil, until they commencement to soften and person fixed disconnected immoderate liquid: beryllium cautious not to overcook them and boil it off, though; determination should beryllium immoderate deliciously affluent juices. Take the cookware disconnected the heat, past drain and chop the porcini and disturbance into the mushroom pan.

Cook the pasta successful boiling salted h2o for 2 minutes abbreviated of the recommended cooking time, past drain and acceptable aside. Butter and breadcrumb your chosen timballo tin, and vigor the oven to 200C (180C fan)/390F/gas 6

Now marque the bechamel. In a mean cookware acceptable implicit a medium-low flame, premix the food and flour, and cook, stirring, until the food melts and they signifier a heavy paste that smells of biscuits. Whisk successful the beverage and cook, inactive stirring, until the sensation of earthy flour has gone and the condiment has thickened. Season with salt, capsicum and nutmeg.

In ample bowl, premix the pasta with three-quarters of the mushrooms and three-quarters of the bechamel. Put fractional of this substance into the tin, past adjacent retired the surface. Top this with a furniture of the remaining mushrooms, apical that with the remaining bechamel, past scatter implicit the grated parmesan and sliced taleggio. Spoon connected the remaining pasta, mushroom and bechamel mix, and level retired the top.

Bake the timballo for 20 minutes, past region and permission to remainder for a fewer minutes. Place a sheet connected top, flip implicit to invert and merchandise the timballo from its tin, and service instantly with a immense greenish crockery and much grated parmesan.

Fiona Beckett’s drinks match

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EH Booth & Co Barolo 2017 £19 Booths, 14%. Exceptionally elegant, own-label barolo, cleanable for the affluent timballo. (Aldi and Majestic’s own-label barolos, portion not successful the aforesaid class, are decent, too.)