RAF airlifts 102 people who had fled Afghanistan to UK

11 months ago 159

The RAF has airlifted much than 100 radical who had near Afghanistan and were successful a neighbouring 3rd state to the UK, the authorities has announced.

The Ministry of Defence said the 2 flights, carrying 102 people, had landed safely successful the UK, wherever they volition person enactment to statesman their lives successful Britain.

Although repatriation flights and idiosyncratic relocations person been moving since the extremity of August, this marked the archetypal subject relocation of eligible Afghans and British nationals since the extremity of the Kabul evacuation.

Among those airlifted were susceptible Afghans who travel nether the Afghan relocations and assistance policy, a UK authorities strategy for erstwhile locally employed staff, and British nationals.

More flights are scheduled to get successful the UK successful the coming weeks.

The defence secretary, Ben Wallace, said the flights “mark the opening of what volition beryllium an enduring effort to relocate and enactment those who request our help”.

“In August we worked tirelessly to airlift much than 15,000 susceptible Afghans and British nationals from Kabul to the UK,” helium said.

“As I made wide astatine the time, our committedness to the Afghan radical did not extremity there. We are determined to bash close by those who supported our equipped forces for truthful galore years and others who are astatine risk.”

The MoD said the UK was moving with planetary partners to marque definite that “as galore routes arsenic possible” are disposable for those who are eligible and that the flights signify the commencement of “the adjacent section of that effort”.

Under “operation lukewarm welcome”, the MoD said the recently arrived Afghan radical would beryllium processed and supported by the Home Office and granted indefinite permission to stay successful the UK with backing allocated for schooling and healthcare.

Meanwhile, the Foreign Office has helped astir 100 British nationals to permission Afghanistan connected Qatari flights since the UK’s past Kabul evacuation successful August.

It comes arsenic Human Rights Watch warned that thousands of radical successful northbound and southbound Afghanistan person been forced from their homes and onshore by Taliban officials, breaking planetary instrumentality nether which corporate punishment is illegal.

Many of the radical targeted were members of the Shia Hazara assemblage and others had connections to the erstwhile Afghan government. HRW said that spot and onshore seized successful this mode is often redistributed to Taliban supporters.