Rams’ Matthew Stafford battling elbow pain: ‘abnormal’ for a quarterback

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Coach Sean McVay says Matthew Stafford’s continuing elbow symptom is antithetic for a shot player, and the Los Angeles Rams are trying to find whether it volition hamper their starting backmost successful the regular season.

Stafford has been throwing successful idiosyncratic drills and 7-on-7 setups portion skipping the full-team portions of the defending Super Bowl champions’ grooming campy practices astatine UC Irvine. Stafford had an unspecified injection successful his elbow during the offseason, and helium reported feeling ongoing symptom successful the associated past period aft not doing immoderate superior throwing successful the Rams’ offseason program.

“It’s a small spot abnormal for a quarterback,” McVay said Thursday. “Some of this worldly is things that MLB pitchers woody with, truthful it is thing that we’re benignant of learning astir connected the alert with his feedback.”

McVay stressed that Stafford could bash much successful signifier and astir apt could play successful a crippled this week, but the Rams are trying to fig retired however to support him steadfast passim their season.

Sean McVay talks with backmost   Matthew Stafford during a caller    Rams practice.Sean McVay talks with backmost Matthew Stafford during a caller Rams practice.AP

“Want to effort to person him run successful arsenic small symptom arsenic possible,” McVay said. “I deliberation anytime that you’ve played arsenic agelong and are arsenic pugnacious arsenic helium is, I don’t cognize if you’re ever genuinely pain-free, but the extremity would beryllium for Sept. 8, and truly looking toward 17 games, past hopefully immoderate games aft that, if we gain that opportunity. That’s benignant of the position and the big-picture attack that we privation to beryllium capable to take. I don’t cognize that I would consciousness arsenic comfy taking that attack if it wasn’t for the acquisition that he’s accumulated.”

Matthew StaffordMatthew StaffordAP

McVay said the Rams are trying a “modified attack and a progressive rebuild” with Stafford, who played done unspecified symptom past play successful his wildly palmy West Coast debut. The seasoned backmost passed for 4,886 yards and 41 touchdowns past play earlier starring Los Angeles to 4 consecutive playoff victories and its archetypal Super Bowl rubric since returning location from St. Louis.

Stafford’s wounded gives him little clip to get successful synch with caller receiver Allen Robinson, but they are spending other clip studying movie with Super Bowl MVP Cooper Kupp to physique their chemistry for the season.

“He’s our leader, truthful immoderate helium sees, immoderate helium feels, what helium wants from the backmost spot, we marque definite that we’re getting those things done,” Robinson said.

McVay besides said choky extremity Jacob Harris volition beryllium retired for “maybe a mates of weeks” with a groin strain. Harris didn’t marque a drawback past play arsenic a rookie fourth-round pick.