Rare ‘cotton candy lobster’ seeks home after rescue by Maine fisherman

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A lobster fisherman successful Maine has caught an incredibly rare, 1 successful a 100m “cotton candy” lobster that helium has called Haddie and has present saved from being enactment successful a cooking pot.

In a Facebook post, Get Maine Lobster, a seafood company, said Bill Coppersmith found the uncommon fabric candy lobster during a caller time of fishing.

Its purplish, blue-mottled coloring is incredibly rare.

“The likelihood of a fabric candy lobster being caught is 1 successful 100m! Because of this, we privation to sphere her,” the institution said.

Appealing for funny aquariums to get successful touch, the institution added: “Currently, Haddie is hanging retired successful our vessel astatine the wharf. We privation to marque definite she lives the remainder of her beingness successful information and comfortableness since uncommon colored lobsters person a harder clip surviving successful the wild.”

Haddie is the sanction of Coppersmith’s granddaughter.