Rare Open Intelligence Hearing Focused on Diversity Discussions

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It’s not each time that the heads of the CIA, NSA (National Security Agency), DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency), and ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence) each attest to Congress successful an unfastened setting.

An Oct. 27 House Permanent Select Committee connected Intelligence proceeding was 1 of those uncommon occasions. But alternatively of focusing connected immoderate of the myriad of nationalist information issues facing the United States, the proceeding was meant to sermon “diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility successful the quality community.”

This didn’t beryllium good with immoderate legislators, including ranking subordinate Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), who accused the authorities agencies of being “increasingly focused connected issues that distract it from [its] mission.”

“The indications ranging from trivial recruitment videos to large quality estimates amusement an infatuation with left-wing dogma and politized actions that person thing to bash with deterring our enemies and winning wars,” helium said.

“Unfortunately, we can’t antagonistic hypersonic rocket launches with amended pronoun usage,” Nunes added. “A deeper knowing of achromatic rage won’t rescue Americans stranded successful Afghanistan.”

Other lawmakers disagreed. Committee seat Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) said having quality officers with a diverseness of backgrounds is important for nationalist security.

“Our diverseness is our top nationalist strength. And it is simply a spot we request to leverage successful enactment of the ngo of the quality community,” helium said.

Schiff said helium “can’t assistance but announcement that the ample bulk of IC briefers—though excellent—to look earlier the committee are often achromatic and male.”

The quality officials astatine the proceeding agreed with Schiff.

“We can’t beryllium effectual and we are not being existent to our nation’s ideals if everyone looks similar me, talks similar me, oregon thinks similar me,” said CIA manager William Burns.

Though the proceeding was ostensibly astir diversity, immoderate Democrats and astir Republicans strayed into different topics.

Rep. Brad Wenstrup (R-Ohio) called for the committee to analyse the origins of Covid-19—to which Schiff said he’d see it—while Rep. Mike Turner (R-Ohio) further questioned the quality officials astir the botched Aug. 29 drone onslaught that killed guiltless Afghan civilians.

Turner asked the officials whether immoderate of them were progressive successful reviewing the quality oregon advising the Defense Department connected protocols during the clip the subject was readying oregon conducting the drone strike. All the bureau directors—as good arsenic Ronald Moultrie, the undersecretary of defence for quality and security—said they were not progressive with the drone strike, nor were their nonstop subordinates.

Nunes, meanwhile, directed astir of his questions towards NSA manager Paul Nakasone astir the ousting of the agency’s erstwhile apical lawyer, Michael Ellis, who was appointed during the last days of the Trump administration.

Ellis’s assignment prompted an outcry from Democrats including Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), and Nakasone placed Ellis connected administrative permission connected the time of President Joe Biden’s inauguration—a time aft Ellis received his information clearance. This, successful turn, led to allegations that Nakasone’s determination was politically motivated.

A Defense Department inspector wide released a report past week astir the incident, concluding that neither the assignment of Ellis nor his placement connected administrative permission were politically motivated.

The IG’s conclusions didn’t halt Nunes from questioning Nakasone astir whether helium spoke to anyone successful the Biden medication astir Ellis. Nakasone said helium did not.

Nunes besides cited emails wrong the IG report, wherever different officials questioned Nakasone’s motives for opposing Ellis becoming the caller NSA wide counsel.

The emails included a bid of exchanges betwixt Nakasone and then-Defense Department wide counsel Paul Ney connected Jan. 15. Ney told Nakasone that his concerns astir Ellis person “no ground successful fact, portion immoderate of your stated interest appears to beryllium inappropriately injecting partisan authorities into this merit strategy process.”

Nunes asked Nakasone whether he’d marque this implicit email speech public, and Nakasone said helium would.

Ken Silva


Ken Silva covers nationalist information issues for The Epoch Times. His reporting inheritance besides includes cybersecurity, transgression and offshore concern – including 3 years arsenic a newsman successful the British Virgin Islands and 2 years successful the Cayman Islands. Contact him astatine [email protected]