Raven-Symoné Admits She Broke Up With Her Now-Wife Miranda Maday 8 Yrs. Ago Before 2020 Wedding: ‘I Messed Up’

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October 20, 2021 5:32PM EDT

Raven-Symoné & Miranda Maday’s emotion communicative is tumultuous, but Miranda revealed connected the HL podcast she ‘always knew’ that Raven was ‘her person.’

Raven-Symoné and Miranda Maday’s love communicative goes rather acold back, erstwhile the 2 met respective years agone astatine a karaoke lawsuit and locked eyes. “I conscionable walked up I was like, ‘Hi, however are you? Nice to spot you, beauteous eyes.’ And we really didn’t permission each other’s broadside for similar a bully week oregon 2 aft that,” Raven recalled connected the HollywoodLife Podcast. The histrion was readying a determination to New York soon aft the 2 met and invited Miranda, a societal media manager, to articulation her. However, it was conscionable a abbreviated clip aboriginal that the now-married faced a hiccup successful their fairytale. “Sometimes you unrecorded successful your child’s encephalon for truthful agelong until that close idiosyncratic comes on and shakes you retired of your mean programming, and I couldn’t instrumentality it due to the fact that I’m a wreck. So I broke up with her, and she was huffy astatine maine for good,” Raven recalled.

Miranda admitted connected the podcast that Raven “was the archetypal idiosyncratic to truly interruption my heart,” adding, “there were a batch of questions during that clip that I had to travel to presumption with for myself with my sexuality and being successful a nationalist relationship.” She told HL that contempt the hurdles and “not being definite astir truly thing successful my life,” Miranda had a “true, instinctual knowing” that Raven was her “person.”

“There would beryllium moments successful those 5 oregon six years we were breached up that I would beryllium thinking, ‘Miranda said I was messed up there,’ oregon ‘Miranda told maine that I was bully here,’ and she was ever benignant of ruminating successful my head,” Raven explained. After her astir caller split successful the aboriginal days of the pandemic, the Raven’s Home histrion reached retired to Miranda to “let her cognize that she’s the smartest idiosyncratic and the lone 1 that ever told maine the information astir myself.” In response, Miranda sent her ex a attraction bundle of goodies, and the occurrence was rekindled.

Raven-Symoné & Miranda Maday (Jonny Marlow)

The mates joined successful June 2020 successful an intimate matter hosted by nary different than Raven’s longtime mentor, Debbie Allen. “Basically we planned the full happening connected a napkin astatine an Indian restaurant… we were going backmost and distant connected whether to spell to City each oregon a courtroom and, basically, Raven spoke to the beauteous beauteous endowment Miss Debbie Allen and she was truthful generous. She hosted, she cooked, and she truly made it truthful was special. We had a fewer of our friends and a person of excavation officiated us, and that was it!” Miranda detailed. Raven recalled Debbie made fried oysters, a barroom and her reportedly celebrated lobster pasta.

The ladies admitted they’d similar to person a vow renewal oregon bigger wedding enactment of sorts, since their celebrations were constricted owed to COVID-19. They besides revealed they program to instrumentality an authoritative honeymoon, astatine slightest earlier starting to grow their household — which they decidedly person hopes to do. “We request a vow renewal ceremony, wherever we person a registry, get a crock cookware and then tin commencement reasoning astir babies!” Miranda, who is simply a commencement doula, laughed.

Raven-Symoné and her woman Miranda Maday. (Jonny Marlow)

The mates has gone connected to present themselves to a caller YouTube assemblage done their amusement “8 PM,” during which they stock a look into their relationship, amusive interviews, wellness tips and games. Check it retired each Monday and Thursday!